A short video up to 60 seconds long, featuring your business and published to Everything Mandurah's website and social media channels. 

Book a video

Here are some example videos, which will give you an idea of our style.

  • Videos are designed to be able to be watched in silence, as many people do on social media.
  • They appear on Facebook and our website.
  • They are usually 30-60 seconds long.

How it works

  • Once your order has been received, we will get in touch with yourself. We'll discuss what you'd like in the video, and what we'd recommend too. 
  • We'll make a day and time to come out and do a little filming of your business, or you can send us content if you prefer. Filming usually only takes 30 minutes or less. 
  • We will then edit the video, and email you a copy for your approval. This usually takes about 2 business days after filming. 
  • You can email us changes you'd like made. 
  • Once you've approved the final edit, we will schedule your video to be published on our website and social media channels. 
  • We will also email you a copy of the video for you to publish on your own social media channels. 

Can it be longer than 60 seconds?

Have a chat with us if you're after something outside the scope of what you see offered here. We specialise in producing short videos with one or two points, that work great on social media and mobile phones. 

What should my video be about?

We recommend focusing on just one thing in a video. Ultimately you can squeeze whatever you want into 60 seconds, but we have found the shorter the video the better (to a point). Focus on just one thing or product, and do another video for other points you want to make. Your videos will be more likely to be watched this way. 

The most important thing is to make sure the video is interesting. If it looks like a TV ad, people will ignore it immediately. 

How quickly can you have my video published?

Our estimate is about 10 business days from the time of filming, plus allow for approvals and changes to the video that you request. 

Can I use this video as a television ad?

Not really. The aspect ratio and style of the video we will produce is designed to work best on a mobile phone.

Will the video be branded Everything Mandurah?

Yes. This is to keep the videos looking uniform across our platforms. It will be labelled as "promotional content", so people know it has been paid for. But we keep all our videos looking uniform so your video is more likely to be watched. This means at the end of the video there will be a short Everything Mandurah outro, and the titles used throughout the video will be consistent with other content on our site.

I have a business but it's not in the Peel Region.

This pricing is only for businesses located in the Peel Region. We'd still be happy to produce something for you, but we'll have to send you a quote. Click here to contact us to have a chat. 

I have more questions!

Click here for all our contact details. We'd love to hear from you.