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Rusty Young

  • Mandurah Library 331 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah WA 6210 (map)

After Rusty helped secure Thomas's release, the two moved to Colombia where they taught English.  When Thomas returned to the UK, Rusty's love of the culture and challenges of Columbia kept him there for seven years, where he was exposed to the very best and worst the country had to offer.

Once he settled into the manic life of Colombia, Rusty met an array of people including special forces solders, snipers, undercover intelligence agents and members of two vicious terrorist organizations - the FARC and Autodefensas. Through his interactions with them he became aware of the plight of child soldiers. After interviewing many of these children and hearing their stories, he felt compelled to write Colombiano in order to highlight the shocking use of children as young as 8 as soldiers in Colombia's civil war. His dedication to the cause was not without consequences: he had to move 11 times while in Bogota and drove a bulletproof car.



Blending fact and fiction, Colombiano takes us on a heart-thumping journey into the violent and unpredictable world of post-Pablo Escobar Colombia, from the author of the international sensation Marching Powder.

Colombiano, Rusty's first novel, is the powerful tale of a fifteen-year-old boy, Pedro, who joins an illegal paramilitary group after his father is brutally executed in front of himand he is banished from the family farm by FARC guerrillas. Swearing vengeance, he vows to find and punish the men responsible. As he spirals deeper into a world of unspeakable violence, Pedro finds himself at a crossroads: will he be able to stop himself before he becomes too much like the men he is hunting? Or will his obsession with revenge cost him all he has left?

Haunting, gripping and poignant, Colombiano is destined to provoke, enlighten and utterly captivate. Not only a riveting coming-of-age novel, it is also an insight into the dark side of Colombia and an example of the redeeming power of love.

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