On Mandurah's new marketing direction

It's been very painful watching Mandurah's marketing efforts for the last 4 years. Driving down the freeway seeing "Anytime Adventures" signs and wondering where that company was located was confusing. It took me a year before I realised "Anytime Adventures" wasn't a business offering adventures but some kind of marketing slogan for the Peel region. 

And then there's the term "Peel". It's completely meaningless to anyone outside of the region, completely un-Googleable for anyone with an ISP not in Mandurah who wants to learn more about it, and downright offensive to the Aboriginal Australians from the area and know about the suffering dolled out at the hands of Thomas Peel and Governor Stirling. And on top of all that, literally no-one in the history of Perth has ever told their friends that "I'm heading to Peel for the weekend."

And yet the powers that were kept persisting with putting countless dollars of our rates revenue and taxes into pumping a meaningless name with disjointed marketing messages. 

But a moment of joy flashed across my computer screen this week as I read about the new direction the City of Mandurah and the Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO) are taking, namely to focus on promoting Mandurah, not Peel. 

If MAPTO and the City of Mandurah build an effective campaign specifically around the word MANDURAH, I am confident that the entire region will benefit anyway. One need only glance slightly southward to see the success that marking "Margaret River" has had on surrounding townships.

While fruit from this direction change may take a few years to manifest, I for one am confident that it represents far better value for the Mandurah ratepayer, and from my experience in marketing it will send a far clearer and more effective message about what a wonderful place Mandurah is to visit and live. 


At the City of Mandurah council meeting on Tuesday, 24 July, a Notice of Motion was moved by Mayor Rhys Williams to devote the expertise and resources of the Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO) to focus on growing Mandurah’s tourism sector.

While recognising the broader Peel Region will always be a part of the reason why people are attracted to Mandurah, Mayor Williams said he wanted MAPTO to make its major focus Mandurah.

As a result, the City’s current funding arrangement with MAPTO will cease on 31 August 2018 with a new four-year agreement commencing on 1 September 2018.
This agreement will be based on the following conditions:
  • MAPTO to exclusively focus on the development of the visitor economy in Mandurah
  • Within their scope of services there is a focus on product development, investment attraction and destination branding, including working with the City of Mandurah on the development of a new Mandurah destination brand.
MAPTO CEO Karen Priest said the organisation was looking forward to the new opportunities this agreement will bring in terms of growing the visitor economy in a sustainable way.

” Recent consumer research revealed Mandurah was the sole Peel destination mentioned by respondents on an unprompted basis as a WA short break destination,” Ms Priest said.

“This agreement will allow MAPTO to capitalise and build on that knowledge and develop clear branding for the city.”

Ms Priest emphasised that a part of the tourism story will continue to be the diversity of quality visitor attractions in the Peel Region outside of Mandurah.

“With an increase in promotion of Mandurah, a natural flow on effect will be more visitors looking for activities and attractions within a short drive of the city, and those attractions will continue to be an important part of our narrative,” Ms Priest said.

“We have had some fantastic recognition recently; Mandurah was named WA’s Top Tourism Town for 2017 and the latest figures from Tourism Research Australia show the number of day trips to Mandurah jumped from 2.32 million in 2016 to 2.65 million in 2017.

“We are looking forward to building on this success in partnership with the City of Mandurah. A strong tourism economy benefits the whole region through more jobs, better infrastructure and a more vibrant place to live and work.”



Nannup Walk Trail

♻️From the archives: A ceremony was held earlier in the year to note the renaming of the Joseph and Dulcie Nannup walk trail in Mandurah, and the construction of a new boardwalk.

The walk trail runs (with a couple of different routes) along the Serpentine River from Goegrup Lake to the Pinjarra Road bridge. Accessible to most abilities with concrete, bitumen or compacted gravel level surfaces along the route. Make sure you pay a visit.

Mandurah’s Winter Wonderland Returns


Mandurah’s Eastern Foreshore will once again come alive this July (7 – 29) with the return of Winter Wonderland! Celebrating everything we love about winter, Mandurah’s family friendly winter themed festival, Winter Wonderland offers a wondrous ice skating experience, complete with falling ‘snow’ for the quintessential family fun day or night out!

Relax inside Flic’s Kitchen Cabin Bar, a warm and cosy space to treat yourself to an amazing bite to eat while sipping on some warming winter bevies. If the winter food and drinks isn’t enough to excite you, keep an eye out for details on themed nights, music, entertainment and more, igniting the Cabin Bar throughout the festival.

An exciting new addition to this year’s Winter Wonderland experience are the custom-made fire pits, keeping you warm on a perfect chilly winter night! Cuddle up with family and friends and watch in wonder at all the ice skating action.

Winter Wonderland exists to bring vibrancy and excitement to the Eastern Foreshore during the quieter winter months. The local Foreshore business community have truly embraced the festival by curating an exciting program of events and activities across the 23 days including themed bar nights, carnival rides, arts and craft markets, nightly venue specials,family fun activities, a winter lounge and heaps more! Winter Wonderland encourages the community out of their homes and into the heart of the City to celebrate the true magic of winter, while supporting local businesses.

WATCH THIS SPACE as the full program of events is announced in the coming week!

Winter Wonderland is supported by the City of Mandurah, with Mayor Rhys Williams saying, “The Eastern Foreshore is at the heart of our City Centre and for us Winter Wonderland is about giving people a reason to get out and enjoy the City during a time when people tend to favour the indoors. It’s about giving our community another place to come together and enjoy.”

“It’s also about encouraging the community to get out and support some of our local businesses.”

“Last year’s event was well received by the community so when the opportunity came up to do this again we we’re more than happy to support the initiative.”

Mandurah’s Winter Wonderland takes place overlooking the picturesque Peel-Harvey Estuary. This year the event is taking advantage of the last week of the July school holidays to ensure visitors and locals alike can revel in the true magic of winter!

The City of Mandurah, local businesses and experienced event management company, KINN & Co, are working together to boost visitor numbers and vibrancy along Mandurah Terrace during the quieter winter months through this fabulous event.

Winter Wonderland is accessible for all, including wheelchairs and “wheely friendly” ice skating sessions throughout the season. There are special ice skates and penguins for tiny tots (and big skaters) that require a little more help on the ice and plenty of late night skate sessions for that perfect first date, or a fun night out with your loved ones.

For many Mandurah locals and visitors, this will be their first experience seeing ice and snow. For others, it’s a chance to re-live some of the magic snow and European winter experiences you’ve had on holidays.


Tickets are available NOW via ticketbooth.com.au

Get tickets before 5pm Sunday 1 July and take advantage of the 10% EARLY BIRD ticket offer!

Ice skating sessions (45mins) will run on the hour every hour with peak and off peak hours;

PEAK:  Last week of school holidays (7 – 15 July) and weekends (Sat 21 & Sunday 22, Sat 28 & SUN 29 July)


9:00am - 10:00am
10:00am - 11:00am
11:00am - 12:00pm
12:00pm - 1:00pm
1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 3:00pm
3:00pm - 4:00pm
4:00pm - 5:00pm
5:00pm - 6:00pm
6:00pm - 7:00pm
7:00pm - 8:00pm


Under 5 Years: $5
5 years - 15 years: $15
Over 15 years: $22
Family (2 Over 15s & 2 Under 15s): $65
Penguin Hire: $10

OFF PEAK: Monday 16- Friday 20 July & Monday 23– Friday 27 July


3:00pm - 4:00pm
4:00pm - 5:00pm
5:00pm - 6:00pm
6:00pm - 7:00pm
7:00pm - 8:00pm


Under 5 Years: $5
5 years - 15 years: $10
Over 15 years: $18
Family (2 Over 15s & 2 Under 15s): $45
Penguin Hire: $10
Primary School Group Booking: $8 per student (Minimum purchase 20 tics + 4 Complimentary tickets for Teachers/Parents)

NOTE: Ice skating ticket price includes skate hire.

Information is available now via the City of Mandurah WHATS ON section.

Full details and tickets for ice skating available at ticketbooth.com.au.  
Book now to secure you spot on the ice.

We all need to follow this example: Jim Jefferies interviews Jordan Peterson

Jim Jefferies, an Australian comedian famous for sounding like an Australian version of a redneck, using the word c### a lot, and yet somehow making the American left love him because he attacked US gun culture in a Netflix special once.

I found it odd to see Jim Jefferies (JJ) had chosen to interview Jordan Peterson (JP). On the cover it seemed like the highschool pot head deciding to go toe-to-toe with Einstein. 

But I watched the interview anyway. 

As one expected, 90% of the video is JJ speaking over snippets of carefully cropped footage chosen to support the narrative being painted. Much of it was patently misrepresenting JP, which was hardly a surprise given the audience JJ is clearly pandering to. 

But there were two notable surprises in the video. 

The first I want to mention is how the video ends, which is with JJ essentially agreeing with JP that people should be allowed free speech. This appears obvious, and it then seems absurd most of the video was spent trying to discredit JP. 

The other interesting point is where JJ points out a double standard JP would be holding by saying it's good to force businesses to serve black people but bad to force businesses to serve gay people.

What's admirable on JP's part is he doesn't hide from JJ's (or JJ's producer's) observation. He acknowledges it and says "maybe I was wrong about that." The issue deserves more than 15 seconds of a YouTube clip to parse, but what we do get to see of JP there was him honestly addressing the point being made and having the integrity to admit he may need to change his opinion.

This is a practice both the left and the right are in desperate need of adopting. When we're in an argument, it should be our goal to discover the truth, not win the argument. If truth appears from the person I'm arguing with, I need the courage and insight to stop arguing and agree with their position. 

Peel Region on Show to International Film Goers

 Ben Elton during filming of Three Summers

Ben Elton during filming of Three Summers

The Peel Region will be showcased at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival with Ben Elton’s Three Summers making its international debut this month.

Three Summers, winner of the 2018 Cannes Senior Cinephiles award, is the first feature film ever shot in the Peel Region, with filming proudly supported by Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO), and other local organisations.

The film is set in the historic Fairbridge Village, a 100-year-old heritage listed site near Pinjarra, and will offer film goers a taste of this beautiful part of Western Australia.

MAPTO CEO, Karen Priest, said the film captured the feel and personality of the region and she was thrilled to see Three Summers making its international debut in Edinburgh.

“MAPTO provided funding support for the film’s production and reached an agreement with the producers to make sure significant awareness of the Peel Region was achieved through the promotion and release of Three Summers,” Ms Priest said.

“We’ve been monitoring the film’s publicity and social media mentions since it was first screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival last year and have noticed a jump in mentions and awareness of our region, particularly Pinjarra and the Fairbridge Festival.

“MAPTO is working with Tourism WA and the film’s producers to make sure people seeing Three Summers at the Edinburgh festival know where this alluring part of Australia is and how to book a holiday here.”

Thanks to MAPTO and Tourism WA’s UK office, Ben Elton will talk to UK broadcasters and newspapers at the end of this month about Pinjarra and Fairbridge Village as part of the promotion of the film at the festival.

Following the media interviews, Mr Elton will host a private screening of Three Summers in London, to which Tourism WA has invited a mix of tourism stakeholders, media and senior TV production and TV development contacts to further promote WA and the Peel Region as a filming and holiday destination.

Three Summers is Ben Elton’s first foray into film writing and directing in 17 years. It is a very funny story of love and music that follows the same people attending an annual music festival over three years.

Offenders on the loose without being monitored

West Australians were left in the dark when dozens of offenders, some with serious convictions including dangerous sex offences, were unable to be tracked following a telecommunications outage.

Shadow Minister for Corrective Services Zak Kirkup said it was incomprehensible the Government did not alert the community to the dangers posed by offenders able to roam the community without being able to be tracked.

“If there is a telecommunications outage and offenders cannot be tracked, the community needs to be made aware,” Mr Kirkup said.

“Last night in Parliament it was revealed 81 offenders with trackable ankle bracelets had been disconnected from monitoring as a result of the outage.

“The first the community has heard of this is through questioning in Parliament.

“The question must be asked, why did it take questioning in Parliament for this information to be made public?  Why didn’t the Minister bring this to the attention of the public at the height of the risk of these offenders being in public without being able to be monitored.”

Mr Kirkup said the Government needed to assure the public they would not be kept in the dark if there was a similar telecommunications blackout in the future in which offenders were unable to be tracked.

“It is the responsibility of the Minister for Corrective Services to be open and transparent about these very serious and concerning security issues,” Mr Kirkup said.

“He would have received a briefing that the Department had lost track of the offenders as a result of the outage, and he should have insisted on warning the public that this had occurred.

“His failure to do this smacks of a cover up.  I am concerned he may not have wanted the public to know that offenders were out in the public and not being tracked.

“This has only come to light through questioning in Parliament and it would not be surprising if the Government was hoping the questions would not be asked and this incident had not come to light.

“It is now incumbent on the Minister to insist his Department develop a communications protocol to alert the public whenever there is an incident in which tracked offenders are unable to have their movements monitored.

“The public needs to be assured they are protected from these offenders.  This is the Minister’s responsibility and he needs to take action now that this incident, and the potential for further such incidents, has been exposed.”

Community Called to Assist with Murray River Square and Foreshore Redevelopment

Public feedback could help revolutionise the Murray River Square and adjacent foreshore reserve, into a well-planned, well-utilised community amenity.

The Shire of Murray has recently appointed landscape consultants, EPCAD, to assist with the progression of the design for the study area.

According to Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dean Unsworth, three sketch options have been released and the Shire are seeking community comment regarding a preferred design.

Among other components, planning could see the town square redeveloped to achieve views to the river from George Street and James Street and an informal grassed terraced amphitheatre and stage area, upgraded streetscaping, a canoe entry and exit point and improved picnic and BBQ facilities established along the foreshore.  

Mr. Unsworth said following community feedback it is intended that a preferred option which may involve components from one or more of the sketch options, would then be chosen to develop a full concept design.

To view the sketches and submit feedback, community members are encouraged to visit the Shire’s website murray.wa.gov.au or call into the Shire’s Administration Office at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra during office hours.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Murray, PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208. Emailed submissions should be sent to mailbag@murray.wa.gov.au.

A drop-in information session will also be held at the Pinjarra Civic Centre on Monday 21 May from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. The sketches will be on display and Shire officers will be available for discussion and to answer questions.

Concept development follows Council’s adoption in 2015 of a masterplan for the Murray River Foreshore in Pinjarra, between the Henry Street boat ramp and the Murray Leisure Centre. 

“The masterplan was prepared with extensive consultation with the community and was intended to provide a high level framework to guide future action within the foreshore area,” Mr. Unsworth said.

Submissions close 12:00pm Friday 1 June, 2018.

 Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option A

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option A

 Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option B

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option B

 Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option C

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option C

Mandurah Pirates Rugby Club

If you're interested in learning more or getting involved in the local Rugby Union scene, take a look at the Mandurah Pirates Rugby Union Club.

It is a club founded on core community values to develop the region's sporting youth. The Club prides itself on providing a friendly, supportive environment to promote the participation and potential of rugby players within the Peel region.

Community invited to have say on Mandurah’s city centre waterfront

The community is being asked to help shape the future of Mandurah’s city centre as the City of Mandurah kicks off the next phase of making it a reality.

The recent completion of the Eastern Foreshore’s seawall, extended grassed area and path connections, and the Mandurah Bridge Replacement, now paves the way for the community to shape the re-energisation of the city centre’s waterfront areas.

Community members and stakeholders will play an important role in identifying and developing upgrade priorities for the city centre waterfront.

The City is asking the community to guide the vision by sharing their thoughts about what people love about the areas now, and suggestions on what they want to see in these areas.

To assist with shaping the vision, the foreshore areas have been divided into zones, each with unique existing character, activities and opportunities that the community can have their say on until May 18.

Mayor Rhys Williams has shared his passion for Mandurah’s city centre since being elected in October and said the local community played an important role in ensuring a strong and re-energised future for Mandurah.

“Mandurah is such a special place and this really is an exciting time of growth for our community,” hesaid.

“It’s important that we continue on this journey together, to ensure we have a culturally enriched, vibrant city that people want to be part of, to ensure our economy is strong and that people have jobs, and that visitors want to come and see what we have to offer.

“So now is the time to have your say – help shape our story to ensure a strong and re-energised future for Mandurah.”

The final output of this consultation will be Mandurah waterfront designs that incorporate the community’s input while taking into consideration land use, built and natural form, environment and movement.

A Community Reference Group will also be established to engage the community and capture input from diverse groups, ensuring that the vision, aspirations and objectives expressed are representative of community views.

For more information or to nominate for the Community Reference Group go to haveyoursaymandurah.com.au

 City of Mandurah Councillors Matt Rogers, Tahlia Jones, Lynn Rodgers, Merv Darcy, Mayor Rhys Williams, Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight, Peter Rogers and Hon. Fred Riebeling are encouraging the community to have a say on Mandurah’s city centre waterfront revitalisation.

City of Mandurah Councillors Matt Rogers, Tahlia Jones, Lynn Rodgers, Merv Darcy, Mayor Rhys Williams, Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight, Peter Rogers and Hon. Fred Riebeling are encouraging the community to have a say on Mandurah’s city centre waterfront revitalisation.

Mandurah Junior Council holds elections

What: Photo opportunity for Mandurah Junior Council Elections

When: Tomorrow, Thursday, April 11 at 9.00am-11.30am (Junior Mayor and Deputy Junior Mayor announcement and photo opportunity estimated between 10.50am-11.30am following proceedings)

Where: Council Chambers, entrance off 83 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah

Contact person: Kellie Revett or Holly Sutton, Media and Public Relations Consultants on 9550 3727 or 0417 506 995.

The Mandurah Junior Council elections will be held tomorrow in the Council Chambers.

The 38 Junior Councillors, from the 19 local primary schools, will cast their votes for Junior Mayor and Deputy Junior Mayor. 18 nominations have been received for the Junior Mayor position, and 18 for Deputy Junior Mayor, with each nominee having the chance to speak about why they should be elected.

The Junior Mayor and Deputy Junior Mayor will serve for 12 months.

Following the elections, morning tea will be served and photo opportunities will be available with the Mayor and Councillors also in attendance.

Please advise of your availability and interest to attend.

Mandurah Bridge light show a must-see for community picnic goers


The new Mandurah Bridge will be lit up in spectacular fashion this Sunday, April 8, during the Mandurah Bridge Celebration Picnic, which kicks off at 4.30pm with the lighting of the bridge at 7pm.

The community is invited to join the family friendly picnic event to celebrate the completion of the $53million Mandurah Traffic Bridge Replacement project.

The free event will be held on Mandurah’s Eastern Foreshore from 4.30pm - 7.30pm, and is a celebration of the significant community-guided project.

There will be fun for everyone including an impressive coloured light show on the bridge, twilight market stalls, live music, pony rides and children’s activities.

Stories and pictures that celebrate Mandurah’s rich social history will also be incorporated into the celebration with an exhibition at the Mandurah Community Museum and guided walking tours on offer.

A commemorative plaque will be unveiled by Hon Rita Saffioti MLA Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands, the Minister for Local Government; Heritage; Culture and the Arts, Hon David Templeman MLA and Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams at 5.30pm.

Free parking will be available on Hall Park.

The Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge Replacement project is a joint project led by the State Government (Main Roads WA and Royalties for Regions) with support from the City of Mandurah.

Local sport and recreation improvements get Council go-ahead

Improved opportunities to participate in sport and recreation, and enhancements to community facilities, were given the green light at the City of Mandurah Council meeting last night.

The South Mandurah Football Club, Dudley Park Bowling Club, and South Mandurah Tennis Club were all approved for the latest round of the 2018/19 Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund (CSRFF) Small Grants.

The Fund is a Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries - Sport and Recreation program that provides financial assistance to community groups and local government authorities to develop basic infrastructure for sport and recreation.

The grants aim to increase participation in sport and recreation, with an emphasis on physical activity through development of sustainable, good quality, well designed and well utilised facilities. The application process for submissions involve Local Governments undertaking an initial assessment to ensure proposed projects are well planned, prioritised and positively benefit the community.

The South Mandurah Football Club will put its grant towards the construction of change room facilities at its Falcon headquarters. The Dudley Park Bowling Club will use its funding to resurface a green, and the South Mandurah Tennis Club in Falcon will use the money to resurface courts.

Another report to Council acknowledged that in recent years there has been significant growth throughout Australia in the participation of women’s sport. This has been largely driven by the success of Australia’s national women’s teams and the formation of new national elite competitions.

This growth is now starting to occur in Mandurah, with a number of women’s competitions already in place and many state sporting associations planning to launch new formats as early as 2018/19.

As the primary provider of infrastructure for local sport, this presents a challenge for the City, with a number of change room facilities having been originally designed to solely meet the needs of male participants. The City has identified gaps in some of its existing amenities.

Council supported City officers to look at implementing a staged refurbishment of its change room areas over the coming years. This would initially prioritise the upgrade of the City’s older existing amenities to facilitate female participants, with the long-term objective being for all change room facilities to be unisex in their design and function.

Mayor Rhys Williams said it was great to see these two items on the Council agenda providing an opportunity to support sport and recreation in the community.

“Our community shares a great love of sport and healthy, active lifestyles and the City plays an important role in helping this grow. It’s vital that our facilities and services continue to meet the needs of our growing community,” he said

Teens to Rally for Street Chillz Event

Murray locals prepping for the big day.jpg

Teens will hit the ramps of Pinjarra Skate Park between 4:00pm and 9:00pm on Saturday 14 April for the 2018 Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest.

Major event drawcard the Freestyle Now Skate, Scooter and BMX competition, returns in 2018 for round four of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series.

Skate, scooter and BMX enthusiasts can enter into beginner, intermediate or open class categories.

Registrations are essential and can be completed online at freestylenow.net/coming-events or from 3:00pm on event day. Helmets are also essential.

According to Shire President Cr. David Bolt, the competition offers a platform for local youth to demonstrate and be recognised for their skills, and is a great opportunity for the Shire to entice young people from outside the region, to experience the wonders of Murray.

The Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest will also feature a virtual reality tent, skateboard design workshop, POSCA art activities, youth service displays and a variety of food trucks.

For the budding artist, creatives from Graphite Crew will host an Urban Street Art Sesh workshop, coaching attendees through the production of intricate aerosol designs.

“The event encourages teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance and is a productive outlet for popular youth pastimes,” Cr. Bolt said.

According to Kaitie Worthington, chairperson of the myVoice Youth Reference Group, the popular youth event will not disappoint.

Front L to R - Keiva, Milla, Mitchell, Tate Back L to R - Jaxon, Lucas, ....jpg

The Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest is an official event of the 2018 Youth Week and is a smoke, alcohol and drug free event.

For further information contact the Shire of Murray’s Community Development Officer (Youth) on (08) 9531 7777 or visit www.streetchillz.com.au.

The Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest is proudly supported by Country Arts WA and Healthway promoting the Drug Aware message, Department of Local Government and Communities, Alcoa and the Shire of Murray.