Dawesville residents get this fantastic new open space

Dawesville residents get this fantastic new open space

Ocean Reserve Officially Opened

From time to time I am utterly impressed with projects brought to life by people working in different government departments, and even different levels of government. 

Hearing the history today of all the hurdles that had to be overcome in order to make the new 3 hectare Ocean Road Reserve a reality left me with a feeling of gratitude towards the people behind the scenes who helped bring this park to the community. 

Those speaking today shared the challenges involved in obtaining funding, dealing with Water Corp, and everything else that goes into getting a project like this off the ground. 

At a glance you might just think "it's a big patch of grass... big deal". But knowing that it's been in the pipeline since '03, and that it's irrigated using filtered waste water, will always pop into my mind when I visit the park.

Future generations will use the reserve without giving a second thought to the efforts of those who put their time into seeing this reserve come to fruition. Those involved deserve thanks for their efforts. 

The park is located on Ocean Rd in Dawesville. The best place to park is at the end of Moora Close.

Although it backs on to the neighbouring school, it's a public facility and open to all. 

Head down one weekend and bring a footy. 

Coffee was supplied by Oui Coffee. Give them a call if you need a mobile coffee van at your next event. 

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