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The lightning over Mandurah in pictures (and videos)

The lightning over Mandurah in pictures (and videos)

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Stephen Mulhall

A couple from tonight's storm, northern side of the cut looking at the bridge

Adrian Wayte

Meadow Springs this evening

Mark McQueen

Annmarie Bell

Footage sent in by

Storm rolling in this afternoon, this photo was taken by my sister Lisa Stanway at silver sands

May Bowman


Tracey Corrigan

Rebecca Jean

Silver Sands

Daniel Seymour

Jasmine Sheridan

Couple of shots by the OBG earlier

Jamie McGuigan

Watching the light show coming our way

Aimee Smith

Jenny Smith

Meadow Springs, bit too close to the house!

Narelle Davies

My husband took this; funny how it went split screen with the bottom half like daylight ! Taken in Mandurah near catapillar park

Jacinda Slattery

Nikki Harrison

Doddis Beach, Halls Head

Richard Batson

Photo from south yunderup with my wife and dogs


This was wicked to see side by side; was amazing

Narelle Jones

Got a few good photos near Dolpin Quay

Ally Froude

Steven Gilbert

A photo posted by Stephen Mulhall (@rigo_gt46) on

Jakob Wells

At Avalon Beach

Leezah Jarvis
Jaren Pickering
Luke Anthony
Phillip Asplin
John Warn
E,laine Macintyre

50 beautiful Mandurah photos

50 beautiful Mandurah photos

Dawesville residents get this fantastic new open space

Dawesville residents get this fantastic new open space