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Regarding urban sprawl in Mandurah

I'm often spotting Roos as I drive through Meadow Springs or Dawesville in the evenings. Each time I do I feel a pang of guilt, knowing I've contributed to these fellows losing their home.

Part of the problem with living in such a beautiful part of the world is other people want to move here too. And by all estimates, they're going to keep coming. 

But our ridiculous obsession with double brick four by twos is causing an urban sprawl problem that we're going to be regretting for generations. 

Already backyards are getting so small they're almost useless, and the awesome parks and public areas in Mandurah are so much nicer to hang out at than a 40m2 alfresco area. So why do we even need them? 

For the sake of preserving the wonderful nature that surrounds us, I really think it's time to get over the phobia of tall buildings that seems to have infected so many Western Australians. It's time we put more focus into building upwards. 

I've been to the Gold Coast, I've stayed in the high rises. Suburban snobs refer to it as a "concrete jungle", but can you imagine if all of that accommodation was spread horizontally instead of vertically? You could kiss the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland goodbye. Each high rise apartment building prevents land from needing to be cleared, reduces the number of displaced fauna, and reduces our collective impact on the environment exponentially. 

I know we've all been brought up to believe we need a spare bedroom, a lawn, and a back yard. But let's be honest, the more space we have the more crap we accumulate, we have to pay someone to come and mow our lawns, and Mandurah has some of the best open spaces in Australia. 

It's time we threw our support behind high rise developments, to reduce the blight of urban sprawl in Mandurah. Let's work towards saving what nature we have left. 

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