Lift dates for the Mandurah Road Pedestrian Footbridge secured

Completion of the Mandurah Road Pedestrian Bridge is one step closer with the City of Mandurah working with its contractor and the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to secure a bridge lift date.

The City is currently liaising with contractor McConnell Dowell and the PTA to achieve a railway shutdown from the evening of July 31 to the early hours of August 3, to allow the bridge arches to be lifted into position over the rail line. In order to do this, the overhead power must be switched off, and there can not be trains operating along that section of line.

The lift dates are subject to satisfactory bridge lifting conditions. Every effort will be made by the City, contractors and the PTA to minimise disruption to the community during the lift. Replacement bus services will be provided during the rail closure. The City and its contractor have undertaken a thorough and robust quality assurance process to ensure the integrity of this important structure.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said that the City has been determined to ensure that the project was delivered in the right fashion. “It is vital that we work with all parties involved to get this project right, and we would expect nothing less before we deliver this signficant piece of infrastructure to our community,” he said.

“If this meant the two-year project has lagged by a matter of weeks, then this is a minimal issue in a project of this scale and importance. “The Mandurah Road Pedestrian Bridge project will provide a wonderful piece of infrastructure for the future.

“It will improve community connectivity by delivering a safe and accessible passage for pedestrians to access education and health facilities, as well as the future Central Park development which includes the provision of affordable housing close to the train station.”

Further details will be provided to our community in the coming weeks.