The Ten Best Places to Get Coffee in Mandurah, 2015 List

The Ten Best Places to Get Coffee in Mandurah, 2015 List

The humble coffee has come a long way over the years. Everything Mandurah was asked to compile the Top Ten places to get coffee in Mandurah. This list might be a bit contentious, feel free to comment and add your favourites. Here goes, in no particular order here are the Top Ten!

Duck Duck Moose - 3 Mandurah Terrace

Liam makes a mean coffee and the owners - Conrad and Liam are about to be in the new reality series Hot Plate. Maxine and Stacey also deserve a mention for their fantastic brews.

Gloria Jean's Coffees - 1/9 Mandurah Terrace

The girls at Gloria Jean's always serve coffee with a smile. Plus they don't make a bad cup. What more could you ask for?



Dew's Berry Cafe - 5 Smart Street Mall

Steve the owner of Dew's Berry Cafe is well known around town and has insituted at the Cafe Suspended Coffee for those who want a cup but can't afford it.  They also do a great cup of coffee!

Decadent C's Chocolate, Coffee & Cake - 25 Husband Road, Barragup

Decadent C's not only do amazing coffee, but mind-blowing cakes. One to try if you haven't already.

Taste & Graze - 3/16 Mandurah Terrace

Adam at Taste & Graze is the master when it comes to a good coffee.

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Moka, 2 Dolphin Dr - Dolphin Quay

Moka has been a serious contender for a number of years. Consistent and great breakky.

Prairie, 1/609-617 Old Coast Rd, Falcon

These guys are the new kids on the block, but they're onto a winner with their fantastic coffee making skills and the added bonus of having a drive-thru.

Food + Drink, Shop 7 , 3 Dawesville Road, Dawesville

They may be a be considered a bit of trek, but Food + Drink is an experience and well worth the travel if you don't live in Dawesville.

Tree of Life, 29-31 Sholl Street

Tree of Life is relatively new on the scene, but their barista is ace and they really care about serving customers the perfect cup everytime.

Spill The Beans Coffee Co., 141 Boardwalk Boulevard, Halls Head

Spill the Beans don't get enough mentions in terms of the quality and consistency of their coffee. They are deserving of a place in the top 10.

Photos from our readers - the collection

Photos from our readers - the collection

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