Government unveils meth enforcement plan

Government unveils meth enforcement plan

  • WA Police continue to target methamphetamine supply with new enforcement action plan

  • Creation of dedicated Meth Transport Teams targeting interstate trafficking

  • Establish dedicated Meth Teams within Organised Crime 

The State Government has strengthened its commitment to target the supply of methamphetamine in Western Australia, unveiling its new meth enforcement action plan which was released yesterday.

Police Minister Liza Harvey said under the plan, WA Police would establish Meth Transport Teams to target supply routes into the State.

"We know the majority of methamphetamine is being imported into WA and the Meth Transport Teams will aim to stop the flow of drugs before they reach the streets," Mrs Harvey said.

The Minister said there would also be dedicated Meth Teams within the Organised Crime squad targeting methamphetamine dealers in metropolitan and regional WA.

"Methamphetamine is unlike any drug we have seen before in WA; it is linked to the vast majority of crime and comes with an unprecedented level of violence," she said.

"This Government will do all that it can to eradicate it from our streets."

Mrs Harvey said the meth enforcement action plan would also:

  • create an intelligence Meth Desk to support the Meth Teams
  • further strengthen multi-agency partnerships targeting road, rail, air and post
  • establish joint agency teams specifically targeting methamphetamine money trails
  • explore legislation to strengthen meth enforcement 

"The WA Police meth enforcement action plan is the overarching strategy that all our methamphetamine operations will stem from," the Minister said.

Mrs Harvey said while WA Police were targeting the supply side of methamphetamine, the Liberal National Government was also addressing the demand for the drug.

"The Government is committed to making communities safer through tough laws and providing police with the resources they need to combat crime and anti-social behaviour," she said.

Fact File

  • The Household Survey 2013 found WA had the highest methamphetamine use with 3.8% of the population over 14-years-old having used the drug.  The national average is 2.1% 

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