R U OK? Visits Mandurah to say Thanks For Asking

It’s time to show Australia the power of a conversation, and suicide prevention organisation R U OK? will be visiting Mandurah to ask local residents and shoppers to do just that by writing a big old-fashioned thanks to people who have taken time to ask “are you ok?”

The R U OK? crew will be visiting Smart Street Markets from 9.00 a.m. followed by a visit to the Murray River Village from 3.30 p.m. on Saturday 15th August as part of the new campaign Thanks For Asking.

As well as the markets there will be a photo booth, origami, inspiring speeches and good old-fashioned conversation!

Campaign Director Rebecca Lewis said it’s all about appealing to people’s hearts and convincing people of the power of a conversation.

“By sharing real stories and helping people to write notes of thanks, we hope that more people will be convinced that regular, meaningful conversations between family and friends can change lives,” Rebecca said.

“We’re excited to be visiting Smart Street Markets in Smart Street Mall and Murray River Village on Coolibah Avenue to meet people from Mandurah to inspire them to write, share and show the love.”

Nicole Dean said she has already written her note of thanks and hoped reflecting on how a friend had helped them could help others.

“It is often the little things which make a big difference,” Nicole said. “A simple, heartfelt note of thanks can go a long way in showing somebody that the time and care they took really helped.

R U OK? will be travelling across Australia stopping at schools, workplaces and community groups to film, write and share their inspiring stories.

The tour will visit locations across Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.  The final stop will be in Parramatta, Sydney on R U OK?Day (Thursday, 10 September), which also coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day.