Heritage Walks - Self Guided and Guided Tours of Mandurah


The Mandurah Community Museum provides a fantastic map for self guided tours of the Mandurah Foreshore and Inner City. The Map is easy to follow and full of interesting information about Mandurah's past. It can be obtained from the Museum which is located near Dan Murphys at 3 Pinjarra Road (see above map).

The walk commences at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and ends at the Mandurah Community Museum.  You can also obtain a copy of the map from the Mandurah Visitor Centre (see map below). The walk takes around 1 hour. Do it at you own pace and stop for a coffee along the Foreshore!


Learn about Mandurah an it's history with an informative map which points out some of Mandurah's places of interest - both past and present. From Scott's Garage to the Santoy Ballroom (which no longer stand) to Tuckey's Bungalow and the Agricultural Hall, you will learn something new about Mandurah and it's history!

 The Old Brighton Hotel

The Old Brighton Hotel

The Mandurah Visitor Centre provide a guided tour of Mandurah on Fridays and Saturdays at 10am. It is a similiar tour to the Museum Tour but doesn't include Christ's Church. The Visitor Centre is located at 75 Mandurah Terrace. Bookings are essential for the guided tour. The centre can be contacted for bookings on 9550 3999.