State NRM Grants Assistance

Local natural resource management (NRM) community groups can now apply to the State NRMOffice for a Community Action Grant of between $5,000 and $55,000 to support community participation in important NRM activities.

NRM grant funding assists with projects such as weed management, improving soil quality,protecting remnant bush, coastal protection, riverbank protection, water quality and marine surveys.

The Peel Harvey-Catchment Council (PHCC) is committed to attracting increased NRM investment into the region, and Chair Jan Star AM said PHCC officer support to assist in guiding the application process may be available for eligible projects as identified by the State NRM Office.

“We are committed to attracting this investment into our prized catchment and encouraging localcommunity groups to apply for this funding opportunity. Given the short time frame to submit applications (applications close on Monday 24 August), the PHCC is asking groups to contact our office by Friday 14 August to help the staff identify applications eligible for assistance.”

“The PHCC recently held workshops in Mandurah and Boddington for community members to gain an insight into the funding process, and encourages all attendees and any other groups with a suitable project to apply for this important NRM activity supported funding,” said Jan Star.

Online applications for the 2015-16 Community Action Grants are now open at this address.