Gary and Leanne's Ravenswood Fresh serves a delicious all day breakfast

Gary and Leanne's Ravenswood Fresh is full of the delightful smell of fresh produce that is locally sourced. The shop which sells fruit and vegetables, a large range of gourmet products and condiments as well cheeses and meat is situated at Lot 101, Lloyd Avenue, Pinjarra right near the Ravenswood Hotel.

Ravenswood Fresh has absolutely amazing coffee and does a delicious all day breakfast. The basic breakfast is $15.95 and that includes eggs, bacon, tomato, hashbrowns, toast and mushrooms (when they are in season) plus you get a tea or one of Ravenswood Fresh's fabulous coffees.

There are is also a vegetarian breakfast option and the team is happy to cook up almost anything if they have the ingredients on hand - steak sandwiches, wraps, B.L.T's - if they've got it in the kitchen or shop they'll make it!

Open Friday from 8am - 6pm, Saturday 8am - 5pm and Sunday again from 8am - 5pm, the shop is on the way to Pinjarra so if you are heading that way stop in and say hi to Gary and Leanne. They are super friendly and will bend over backwards to make your shopping and dining experience an amazing one.

If you would like to find out more about the shop click here to head to Ravenswood Fresh's Facebook Page.