7 things you need to do when traveling to Perth by train from Mandurah

7 things you need to do when traveling to Perth by train from Mandurah

'A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step' but we all know that a modern journey is a bit more complicated! Here are some tips and a checklist if you are traveling to Perth by train. Everything Mandurah has included a lot of information - some of which may be more relevant to first time users or people who don't frequent public transport. We also want to know your 'must haves' or 'must dos' when traveling to Perth by train. Let us know in your comments!

Plan Your Journey

If you are a seasoned train traveller and use public transport everyday for work then you will be pretty au fait with a 'plan' or at least have a timetable on hand. Transperth has a Journey Planner on their website. Click here if you wish to be directed to the Journey Planner.

You can ring Transperth on 13 62 13.

There is also a Transperth App which can be downloaded from Apple Store. Click here to go to the Apple Store. This App has a variety of features including letting you plan your journey. Please click here to find out more.

Have Your Money Ready for Parking

Parking all day at the Train Station costs $2 but if you have a Smartrider life is a little easier - you can just swipe your card and pay for parking that way.

Cars are regularly checked for tickets (as you probably know!) so having a couple of dollars on you in change is imperative!

Parking can be difficult to find at the Mandurah Train Station during peak times so it can be a good idea to get a friend to drop you off if that is convenient.

On Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays there is no charge for parking.

Park Your Bike or Scooter in a Shelter

Bicycles and Scooters/motorbikes can be parked in shelters at the Mandurah Train Station. The Bike Shelter is gated and accessed by your SmartRider. The Motorbike Shelter costs $2 a day or part there of.

Information on how to register your SmartRider for access to the bike shelters please click here and you will be taken to the Transperth website.

Buy Your Ticket or SmartRider

If you don't have change on hand there is machine that with give you change for $20 and $50, there is also an ATM right where the ticket machines are inside the station. There is usually a Transperth officer who will give you hand during quiet times if you are having problems working out what kind of ticket to buy.

A SmartRider prevents fumbling for change to buy a ticket. SmartRiders can be purchased from Track Snak at Mandurah Station. For more information on SmartRiders, how much they cost and how to use them please click here.

Check there are no track closures

You can check there a no track closures by following Transperth on Twitter or by clicking here to head to the Transperth website. The website also lets you know about planned track closures that will be occurring in the future!

Bring some Music, Magazine, Book or whatever you take on your journey!

The trip is not that long but long enough to get absorbed in a good book or listen to your favourite tunes with your head phone on of course! Trak Snak is right inside the station so you can grab a water on the way, buy a SmartRider or pick up a magazine.

Start your journey!

Now that your've planned, parked, checked for track closures and grabbed your coffee at Trak Snak it's time to board the train! Have fun in Perth!

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