Video: Check out this fantastic little park in Madora Bay, perfect for a quiet picnic or BBQ

Tucked away just off Mandurah Road in Madora Bay toward the north of Mandurah is a wonderful little park and nature reserve called Harry Perry Park. It’s named after a local councillor who was a great contributor to the community. 

Take the Karinga Road exit off Mandurah Road to get there. There’s space to park along the side of the road. 

The shaded BBQ areas are absolutely gorgeous, especially on a warm day. There’s play equipment for the kids, and for the little ones who like traipsing through some scrub there’s plenty to enjoy. Keep an eye out for snakes of course. 

Doggy bags are on hand if you're taking the pooch for a walk too. 

If you head toward the top of the hill you’ll discover a hidden little lookout with a nice view. There are a couple of plaques with descriptions of shipwrecks that have occurred along the coast. 

There are no toilet facilities, but Harry Perry Park is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a shady spot to enjoy a picnic or bbq, or just want to find something new to enjoy in Mandurah.