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The only stockists of Galibelle footwear live in Mandurah

The only stockists of Galibelle footwear live in Mandurah

Kara and Dave Allen live in Mandurah and are the only stockists of Galibelle in Australia!  What is Galibelle you might be asking?  Galibelle is footwear that comes in several styles from flats to wedges. The shoes are bought seperately from the straps which are interchangeable.

Kara and Dave first stumbled upon the brand when they were travelling in Barcelona. Kara, who would travel with five different styles of shoes was amazed by the versatilty of Galibelle shoes and was smitten by the range.  After buying a pair of Galibelle's she threw away all her shoes!

Galibelle is the brainchild of a Portugese businessman named Moshe Azulay and have been on the market since 2007.

Kara and Dave have been selling the shoes in Broome and are setting up a permanent shop in Fremantle at 6 South Terrace where they are sharing a space with a fashion boutique.

Above you can see the basic shoe. These come in several styles. The shoes are made of cork, leather and polyurethane and the straps are made of synthetics but can also be purchased in leather.

In the above photo you can see an example of one of the straps that attach to the wedge shoe. There are so many different styles of straps to choose from! You will never have to buy a new pair of shoes again!

The 2016 shipment of Galibelle is arriving before Europe get their shipments, so all you fashionistas out there can be completely on trend with the latest styles!

If you would like to see more of the range click here to head to the Galibelle Australia website.

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