Too Many Cafes closed

Letter to the editor:

We live in Pinjarra and as we do from time to time with our neighbour take our two little dogs for a walk along the foreshore.

Today being a public holiday I was flabbergasted in the amount of cafe's that are closed. 
Being a public holiday and a large tourist city this absolutely atrocious and just not on.
Merchant Tea House, Duck Duck Moose and Taste& Graze where just some that we noticed.
Mandurah city council should be notified of this and they should be asking the question as to why this is happening, there where a lot of disgruntled people milling around The Merchant Tea Company today amazed as to why.
Talking to an employee at Gloria Jeans and she said they do it every public holiday but mind you they weren't complaining the place was packed.

Cheers J. Ritchie