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Public amenities at the top of their game: survey

Public amenities at the top of their game: survey

Mandurah’s libraries, parks and sporting grounds were among the community amenities rated highly by the public in the recent Community Perceptions Survey.

The survey, which called upon more than 400 local residents, formed part of the “desktop” review of the City of Mandurah’s 20-year Strategic Community Plan. This review provided an opportunity to gauge the progress of the Plan’s implementation.

The community’s views received from the survey are helping to shape the City’s future direction, including new community infrastructure initiatives.

The survey revealed community feedback on how the City is performing across a range of areas of direct and indirect responsibility. The main findings of the Community Perceptions Survey were:

High community satisfaction in:

  • Weekly rubbish collections
  • Access to beaches, estuary and river
  • Library and information services
  • Fortnightly recycling services
  • Streetscapes, parks and sporting grounds.

The highest community priorities are:

  • Parking in commercial areas
  • Services and facilities for youth
  • Safety and security
  • How the City Centre is being developed
  • Management and control of traffic.

Significant improvement was shown in:

  • Developing and communicating a clear vision for Mandurah
  • How the City Centre is being developed
  • Council’s leadership within the community
  • Management and control of traffic
  • Planning and building approvals.

As a result of this feedback, it’s recommended that the City develop an Integrated Transport Strategy, incorporating public and private transport, cycleways, footpaths and trails.

Another recommendation highlights that greater consideration is needed of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities when developing future strategies.

A full review of the City of Mandurah Strategic Community Plan 2013-2033 will be undertaken by June 2017. 

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