Fire now 5km from Harvey: People in Harvey need to act immediately to survive.

 Pic: Calum Watt

Pic: Calum Watt



Bushfire EMERGENCY WARNING for East of Waroona, Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop, Harvey and surrounding areas in the Shires of Harvey and Waroona

Saturday 9 January 2016 - 9:47 PM

*Please note that SEWS has been removed from this alert. There has also been a slight change to the area bounded in the alert to reflect where Nanga Brook Road become Nanga Road. 

* Motorists are asked to avoid non essential travel through the area. If you must travel please ensure your petrol tank is full before you depart.  



A bushfire EMERGENCY WARNING remains for people in an area bounded by Old Coast Road, south of Coronation Road, South Western Highway, McDowell Road, Nanga Brook Road, Nanga Road, Dawn Creek Road, south to Murray River Fire line, Driver Road, Logue Brook Dam Road, Dupont Road, Tallanalla Road, Myles Avenue, Mornington Road, South Western Highway, Mitchell Road, east to Wellesley Road, Forrest Highway north to Old Coast Road. 


 This includes east of Waroona, Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop, Harvey townsite and surrounding areas. It doesn't include the Waroona townsite.


  • There is a threat to lives and homes in Harvey, Cookernup, Wokalup and surroundings areas. 
  • Unless you are ready and prepared to actively defend your property, evacuate to the south via the South Western Highway if safe to do so. 



  • A number of breakouts to the south occurred earlier today as a result of fluctuating wind conditions.
  • The bushfire is moving in a south easterly direction.    
  • The fire remains uncontained and is not yet controlled. 
  • Burning embers are likely to be blown around your home.


  • Leave now if the way is clear in a southerly direction.   
  • If you cannot leave you need to shelter in your home and actively defend it.
  • Choose a room with two exits and water such as a kitchen or laundry.
  • There is ember attack ahead of the fire, so close all doors and windows, and turn off evaporative air conditioners, but keep the water running through the system if possible.
  • Protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and trousers, made from cotton or wool, and strong leather boots.
  • If your home catches on fire and the conditions inside become unbearable, you need to get out and go to an area that has already been burnt.



  • If you cannot shelter in your home, a safer place you can go to is a local open space, shed, swimming pool, dam or building.
  • This will give you some protection from the effects of a bushfire.
  • Take water, woollen blankets and wear protective clothing.



 Evacuation centres have been established at:

  • Murray Leisure Centre, 16 Camp Road, Pinjarra. 
  • Leschenault Leisure Centre, Leisure Drive, Australind.  

Please note that material donations are not required at this stage. Monetary donations can be made through the Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund. 



  • Community meetings were held at Waroona, Australind and Pinjarra earlier today.



A bushfire WATCH and Act remains for an area bounded by Old Bunbury Road, across Forrest Highway to Dorsett Road, Williamson Road, Mayfield Road, South Western Highway, Tallanalla Road, south of the Murray River to east of the Murray River Fireline, Yarragil Form, Loop Road, Dawn Creek Road, Nanga Brook Road, McDowell Street. South West Hwy, north of Coronation Rd, Old Coast Rd, Old Bunbury Rd.

The Watch and Act applies to Preston Beach, Lake Clifton and Myalup.

  • There is a possible threat to lives and homes as a fire is approaching the area and conditions are changing.
  • You need to leave or get ready to actively defend. 



  • If you are not prepared or you plan to leave, leave now if the way is clear.
  • It is not safe for people in Preston Beach to leave. You need to actively defend your home or take shelter at a safer place. 
  • There is ember attack ahead of the fire, so close all doors and windows, and turn off evaporative air conditioners, but keep water running through the system if possible. 
  • If you are well prepared and plan to actively defend your home, make final preparations now, please consider that you may be directed to leave if conditions worsen. 
  • Do not rely on mains water pressure as it may be affected. If you have access to a water tank and plan to defend your home, start patrolling with your hose and put out spot fires
  • If you are not at home, do not try to return as conditions in the area could be very dangerous.



  • Your safest option may be to visit family or friends who live away from the area.



If you are in the area you should leave in a southerly direction away from the fire.



A bushfire ADVICE remains for people in an area bounded by Marriott Road, South Western Highway, Sandalwood Road, Big Tree Road, Mornington Road, Myles Avenue, South Western Highway, Mitchell Road east to Wellesley Road, Forrest Highway south to Marriott Road.

 This includes the townships of Binningup and the suburb of Wellesley.

  • Although there is no immediate danger you need to be aware and keep up to date in case the situation changes.



  • Stay alert and monitor your surroundings. 
  • Watch for signs of a bushfire, especially smoke and flames. 
  • Close all doors and windows, and turn off evaporative air conditioners but keep water running through the system if possible. 
  • Read through your bushfire survival plan. 
  • If you do not have a plan decide what you will do if the situation gets worse. 



  • Be extremely careful when driving through the area. 
  • Turn your headlights on and drive slowly. 
  • Watch for emergency services personnel and follow their directions. 
  • If you cannot see clearly, pull over, keep your headlights and hazard lights on, and wait until the smoke clears. 
  • If you have a respiratory condition and you have been affected by smoke you should contact your local doctor or call Health Direct on 1800 022 222. 



An ALL CLEAR advice remains for people in the areas of Brunswick, Australind, Leschenault, Eaton, Roelands, and Millbridge.

A bushfire ALL CLEAR remains for people in the area of Forrest Highway, Fishermans Road, Coolup Road East, Burnside Road, Dwellingup-Williams Road, Nanga Road, Icy Creek Road, Nanga Brook Road to Waroona, South Western Highway, Mayfield Road, Williamson Road, Dorsett Road and west to the ocean.  



  • Drive slowly and with caution due to emergency services personnel working in the area.


Motorists are asked to avoid non essential travel through the area. If you must travel please ensure your petrol tank is full before you depart.

A number of main roads have been closed including: 

  • Forrest Highway (both directions) from Pinjarra Road to Buffalo Road
  • Old Coast Road (both directions) from Lakeside Parkway to Forrest Highway
  • South Western Highway (both directions) from Greenlands Road to Marriott Road

Further road closures are in place within the area, including: 

  • Old Bunbury Road between Forrest Highway and South Western Highway
  • Nanga Road between Murray River bridge and Driver Road
  • Forestry Road between Forrest Highway and Uduc Road

Alternative route:

  • If you are heading north to Perth an alternative route to take is Coalfields Highway to Albany Highway. 
  • If you are heading south from Perth an alternative route to take is Albany Highway to Coalfields Highway.



The following recreation sites are closed: 

  • The Bibbulmun Track, between Dwellingup and Harvey-Quindanning Road
  • The Munda Biddi Trail, between is closed between Dwellingup and Logue Brook Dam.
  • Lane Poole Reserve
  • The Captain Fawcett 4WD track
  • Yalgorup National Park south of Mt John Road including Martins Tank campsite, Heathlands walk trail, Lake Pollard walk trail and Haywood day use site on Preston Beach Road
  • Lake Brockman Tourist Park
  • Hoffman Mill  
  • Logue Brook Dam 
  • Waroona Dam and Lake Navarino Holiday Park. 



  • Western Power has advised that there are electricity interruptions as a result of the bushfire.
  • Customers without power are encouraged to make alternative plans on the basis that power is not likely to be restored until the coming days.
  • For further details visit



  • Police are directing people in Harvey to evacuate.
  • Firefighters are continuing to make all efforts to contain the fires under difficult and trying conditions.
  • Firefighters are continuing to build containment lines around the fire and control flare ups.
  • Firefighters are undertaking asset protection around affected communities.
  • There are over 250 firefighters and support staff responding to the fire.
  • Firefighters are using more than 50 appliances including 38 heavy machines.
  • Aerial support cannot operate in the dark and will return at first light. 



  • An Emergency Situation has been declared for the Shires of Harvey and Waroona.
  • The fire was reported at 7.25am on 6 January 2016. 
  • The cause of the fire is lightning. 
  • Telephone text and voice messages have been issued.
  • More than 70,876 hectares have been burnt. 
  • 121 houses and several other structures have been confirmed lost in the Yarloop townsite.
  • The fire perimeter is in excess of 226km.
  • An inter-agency Incident Management Team comprising DFES, Parks and Wildlife and local government is managing the fire. 




Register with Register.Find.Reunite. to let your family and loved ones know you are OK via from any computer or mobile device,  call the State Enquiry Centre Line on 1800 015 337 or in person at an Evacuation Centre.  


If you are unable to contact a loved one who may have been affected by the fires visit the Red Cross website   



Visit, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter @dfes_wa, listen to ABC local radio, or news bulletins.


 Updates will be provided every hour unless the situation changes. 


How to Donate

Reminder: Donations for the Waroona and districts bushfire victims are NOT to be dropped off at the evacuation centre at the Murray Leisure Centre, given the difficulty to coordinate and regulate donations.

Alternatively the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund has been launched for the victims and donations can be made by the following ways:

Donations to the Waroona and District Fires Appeal 2016 are being accepted and can be made:

  • over the counter at any BankWest branch or agency to the dedicated appeal account BSB 306035, account 2014474
  • via EFT BankWest’s appeal account BSB 306035, account 2014474
  • in person at the Customer Service counter at Council House, 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth
  • on the phone for credit card donation, 9461 3886 during normal business hours
  • by mail to LMDRF, Waroona and District Fires Appeal, c/- City of Perth, GPO Box C120 Perth WA 6839.

Donations of $2.00 and above are tax deductible.