Everything Mandurah is back. Here's what's new.

Everything Mandurah is back. Here's what's new.

Hi. My name is Jason Smith. 

I'm the founder of Everything Mandurah. 

I'd like to share with you, my fellow Mandurah residents, what I've been up to, and what I'm doing now with Everything Mandurah. 

Back in 2012, I was living in Geraldton with my wife and children. I started an online community/news hub called Everything Geraldton. It grew very quickly in popularity, and now employs a small staff, has a growing number of advertisers, and provides the community there with news and information in various digital formats. 

In mid 2015, I moved to Mandurah with my wife and children, including a new born baby. The move wasn't part of a long term plan. My then 5 year old (now 6) suffered terribly in Geraldton each March/April/May with allergies that left him unable to function properly. It was caused by the smoke that Geraldton gets covered in when the farmers burn off prior to seeding. Moving to Mandurah wasn't a smart business move, but with the health of my child involved, the decision was pretty easy to make. 

Given Mandurah was my new home, I cranked up Everything Mandurah as soon as I could. The support from the Mandurah community was fantastic, and the product was doing quite well. Traffic numbers were growing, and I was very pleased with the progress. I travelled back and forth between Geraldton and Mandurah managing the two businesses. 

With the young baby, and the demands that still existed with Everything Geraldton, I began to realise I couldn't give the time needed to everything on my plate. It was a tough decision at the time, but to balance my young family, a baby that didn't like sleeping, and frequent trips to Geraldton, I had to make the decision to put Everything Mandurah on hold. 

It's now 9 months later, I've had the opportunity to restructure a few things, and this has given me more spare time.

Mandurah is definitely my home, and I've noticed in myself a longing to be more involved in my community the best way I know how. 

This has led to the decision to turn Everything Mandurah back on, and get busy. 

But I've decided to make a few changes. Here they are in a nutshell. 

1. No breaking news.

Honestly, I don't enjoy writing breaking news stories. And I don't enjoy reading them either. There are plenty of other publications that let you know about the latest car crash or murder. So Everything Mandurah won't be bothering with that kind of thing any more. 

2. Less but better.

There will be fewer stories published. But my aim is that they will be "better" stories. Better is subjective, of course. But I've decided to trade volume for quality, and publish the kind of stories I know I personally would enjoy reading or watching. And my hope is some of you enjoy them too. 

3. Monthly meet-ups.

I will be making myself personally available each month for you to come and speak with if you wish. It will just be a casual thing at a local coffee shop. The idea is you can share any story ideas you have, share feedback on Mandurah in general, or ask me questions. Who knows what it will lead to, but I'd like you to know that there is a human behind Everything Mandurah who is willing to listen to your feedback. 

4. Building websites.

I will be offering my skills as a web developer to local organisations and businesses who would like a website built and hosted. This is a core strength our organisation has developed over the last four years, and it makes sense to offer it to others. My hope is that local organisations will see see the same high level of quality websites that I build for my own company will be perfect for their businesses too. And the prices are very reasonable. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. I look forward to meeting you one day. If you ever want to get in touch, the best way is through the contact page on this website


Jason Smith
Everything Mandurah 

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