Andrew Hastie speaking about the Mandurah Junior Council in Parliament

Canning MP recently spoke in federal parliament about the Mandurah Junior Council, commending Alisha Joynes, junior council coordinator in particular. Short video above, and full transcript below. (Nov 29, 2016). 

Full transcription:

Two weeks ago, I attended the Mandurah Junior Council graduation ceremony at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, overlooking the beautiful estuary at the heart of my electorate. The junior council consists of 38 student representatives from 19 local primary schools. The purpose of the program is to give young people a voice in the city of Mandurah's governance and to educate them in local government. Junior councillors participate in council meetings, gain experience in leadership and together undertake a community project. This year, the junior council's project engaged children and families in mental health education. This involved participating in a workshop with Act-Belong-Commit, a WA mental health initiative. The workshop taught positive mental health behaviours and encouraged the students to share them with their classmates. I was also able to attend the session and share my reflections on life as an MP. I am pleased to report the junior council developed their leadership during their tenure. They have learnt about how to better serve their community as future local, state and federal representatives.
I commend Alisha Joynes, junior council coordinator, for her role in youth engagement and her ongoing efforts in supporting the students in their work. To junior mayor Kalli Chamos, to deputy junior mayor Chloe Gee and to all the Mandurah junior councillors, congratulations again. Remember that you are all leaders in your respective schools and classrooms and continue to serve those around you. I look forward to meeting the junior councillors of 2017.