The facts about crime levels in Mandurah

The facts about crime levels in Mandurah

Is crime really getting worse in Mandurah, or is it just a meme that we all keep repeating with no actual evidence? 

Below we take a look at the data provided by the WA Police and the Australian Bureau of Statistics on certain crime categories, and our population, and see how it compares since 2010. 

The crime data is for each suburb in the City of Mandurah, population data is from ABS.

What follows is a graph showing you Mandurah's population increase, followed by graphs of reported crimes for different categories in our city over the last 7 years. Hover over or touch the dots on the graphs to see exact numbers.

You will observe from the data that in most categories, crime has decreased or is relatively flat. Assaults is the notable exception. However, based on more detailed reports provided by Police, it is believed that this jump is due to an increase in reporting of domestic violence incidents, and is a WA wide phenomenon. It is believed that the numbers indicate a positive trend of victims coming forward, rather than suffering in silence (Link for more info.)

Even taking this increase in reported assaults into account, the ratio of crimes to population has actually decreased since 2010, though not substantially. As the last graph indicates, the ratio has stayed in a fairly consistent range from about 3.2% to 3.9% since 2010. 

The data provided by the Police suggests that the widespread perception that crime has dramatically increased in recent years is false.

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