The cold weather in Mandurah

As I look out my office window at the Mandurah rain, a feeling of calm comes over me. 

I moved to Mandurah in a winter, and now when the cold weather hits I'm taken back to that time, when all Mandurah had to offer me was new and wonderful. 

This time of year the markets stop, a bunch of retirees depart for warmer climes up north, and on the surface it seems there's less to do in Mandurah. But while I certainly value the beautiful summers in Mandurah, there's something magical about Mandurah winters. 

The cold is cold, to be sure. Though it's not Albany-I-want-to-die-cold. Anyone relocating here from up north will need a moment to adjust. But our kids find the cool wet weather still plenty fun for outdoor play, as evidenced by their muddy footprints in the house from last night. 

The air has a certain crisp, cleanness to it, at least when DFES isn't burning off. The trees, the rain, the beach, the foreshore... there's something particularly magical about watching the rain fall on Mandjar Bay. 

Perhaps it's not the best boating and crabbing weather, and maybe picnics at the park become weather dependant for a few months. But there's so much to enjoy about the cooler weather too. 

I love hanging with the kids sipping hot chocolate in town. Fashion options widen; The cooler weather means I can wear a suit without risking heat exhaustion. The retic gets turned off probably until September or later.

Perhaps it's my family's farming background, but there's also an inbuilt appreciation I hold for the rainy season. I remember listening in horror a few years ago as a Perthite prayed that the rain would stop so they could have a nice weekend. When your entire livelihood depends on adequate rainfall each year, one tends to see the rain and the cooler weather as a gift, not a burden.  

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