Mandurah's very bright future

Recent data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics confirms what most of us already knew, that Mandurah has been growing at a phenomanal rate over the last decade. 

In 2006 the local govt area of The City of Mandurah stood at 58,811. 

In 2016, our population was 83,099. That's an increase of 41.3%.

Yet despite that massive spike in population, our lifestyle still remains enviable. 

Consider the following:

Housing is still very affordable.

Usually after such a massive population surge, a city becomes difficult for mortals to be able to afford to live close to great amenities. Here in Mandurah, most families can affordably rent or even buy a place close to the water, train station, and great shopping. 

There's a choice of living, from acreage, to suburbia, to affordable apartment living. 

Perth is like a giant shopping village down the road.

We don't have to put up with the drawbacks of Perth, but we can treat it like our personal shopping village when we need something we can't find in Mandurah. A short trip on the train to the city, or a drive in the car, gets us to almost everything we could want. There's no other regional centre in WA where you can still have a regional community vibe, with the ammenities of a capital city down the road. 

It's still a great place to retire, and that's awesome.

Some people try to shake that "go there to retire" vibe about Mandurah, but it's one of our greatest assets and I feel we should embrace it. People consistently moving to Mandurah to retire creates jobs locally, and adds awesome people with a lifetime of experience who can contribute to the life of our city. I've met a lot of great retirees since moving to Mandurah, and they're wonderful people to know and have around. 

Image: @life_with_zayne on Instagram

Image: @life_with_zayne on Instagram

Mandurah's population is expected to continue to grow.

No one has a functioning crystal ball, but all indicators are that the growth will continue. Specifically in the north of Mandurah, population growth in the last 10 years was 146%! Meadow Springs is about to build a SECOND primary school, Lakelands Shopping Centre has just been completed, and plenty of people who technically aren't in Mandurah still like to travel a few km's south to enjoy our great foreshore, cafés and restaurants. 

The Mandurah Forum counts as far away as Bunbury as its catchment area, and after a tough year and half for businesses on our eastern foreshore, it appears the end is in sight in terms of the bridge being completed. That section of the foreshore that was recently upgraded is looking great. 

But I thought unemployment was super high?

There's still plenty to be done to diversify our economy and create jobs. And it's great to see so many people tackling that. But keep in mind when reading job figures that often when they say "Mandurah" has high unemployment, they're not referring to all of Mandurah, but just specifically the suburb called Mandurah. This suburb has very low rent prices, and this can mess with the "cause or effect" nature of the stats. There's also been some blatant misinformation spread by some news media with regards to 6210 being the welfare capital. What wasn't reported was also that 6210 had the highest number of tax returns filed in WA. So while it was true that 6210 technically had more welfare recipients, per capita we rated nowhere near the highest. It's like saying "Sydney had the most crimes of any city." Well of course it did, it has the most people.

Overall, Mandurah's future seems very bright, it's a great place to raise a young family, and offers a lot to people from all walks of life. I for one, am very positive about the future here. 

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