Here's the rules and what's happening with that 4 way stop signed intersection


This intersection on the corner of Gibson and Forrest St in Mandurah has had a few locals concerned. I've personally never seen a four way stop signed intersection, and everyone I've spoken with about it expressed confusion.

It takes a few moments of a couple of cars stopped at the intersection, thinking the other people have right of way because that's what one would expect, before looking and realising that they too have a stop sign. 

EM has now received a response from Main Roads, clarifying what the story is with this intersection, and what the rules are. TL;DR - It's not permanent. 

See below. 

From Main Roads:

With a four-way intersection stop sign configuration, once a vehicle has fulfilled its obligation to stop, then the general ‘give way’ rules apply.  In this case, once the vehicle has stopped drivers would give way to vehicles approaching from the right.

The intersection referred to is Forrest Street and Gibson Street in Mandurah.

The right of way at this intersection will be changing from Forrest Street to Gibson Street.

It is Main Roads policy is to install four stop signs at an intersection where right of way will be changing.  The stop signs are then left in place for two weeks prior to removing the initial set (research shows that by removing them without warning there is an increase in accidents).

Advanced Warning Signs will be installed to show that the right of way is changing, however this is the responsibility of the Local Government (and if not already erected they should be going up very soon).

The four stop signs will then be left in place for two weeks.  After which, the stop signs on Forrest Street will be removed and right of way will change to Gibson Street.

There will then be Advisory Signs “Modified Road Layout Ahead” in place for approximately six months.

The “ right of way swap” should occur around mid-September.

Beautiful Mandurah

Beautiful Mandurah

Rhys Williams - Mayor Candidate

Rhys Williams - Mayor Candidate