Dwellingup Now EV Friendly

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Dwellingup has embraced the growing trend toward Electric Vehicle (EV) use, with the installation of an EV outlet at the Dwellingup History and Visitor Information Centre (DHVIC).

Shire President Cr. David Bolt applauded the environmentally progressive step forward for the friendly tourism town.

“The twenty-first century has sparked a resurgence in EVs due to technological developments and an increased focus on renewable energy.

“It is hoped this eco-friendly asset will encourage an increase in the number of EV owners to the town, who can charge their vehicles while enjoying its diverse offerings,” Cr. Bolt said.

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The outlet takes approximately 30 minutes to pull the required 23kW, equating to roughly $3 which is further mitigated by the photovoltaic cells installed at the visitor centre.

Cr. Bolt added that the outlet has been logged on the plugshare.com app and website for the information of EV owners.

“The app encourages donations towards power consumption which can be made to the DHVIC.

“The outlet has been a welcome addition by both locals and visitors, with several EV owners already plugging in,” Cr. Bolt said.

Plans are also underway to install an EV outlet in Pinjarra within a public carpark at the Shire of Murray’s Administration Office. It is anticipated that the RAC fast charger will be fully operational from April, 2018.

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“As use of EVs grows the Shire of Murray will continue to monitor demand and look for opportunities to expand its network of charging stations into other locations,” Cr. Bolt said.

The project was made possible by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and Synergy.

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