Peel Region on Show to International Film Goers

Ben Elton during filming of Three Summers

Ben Elton during filming of Three Summers

The Peel Region will be showcased at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival with Ben Elton’s Three Summers making its international debut this month.

Three Summers, winner of the 2018 Cannes Senior Cinephiles award, is the first feature film ever shot in the Peel Region, with filming proudly supported by Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation (MAPTO), and other local organisations.

The film is set in the historic Fairbridge Village, a 100-year-old heritage listed site near Pinjarra, and will offer film goers a taste of this beautiful part of Western Australia.

MAPTO CEO, Karen Priest, said the film captured the feel and personality of the region and she was thrilled to see Three Summers making its international debut in Edinburgh.

“MAPTO provided funding support for the film’s production and reached an agreement with the producers to make sure significant awareness of the Peel Region was achieved through the promotion and release of Three Summers,” Ms Priest said.

“We’ve been monitoring the film’s publicity and social media mentions since it was first screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival last year and have noticed a jump in mentions and awareness of our region, particularly Pinjarra and the Fairbridge Festival.

“MAPTO is working with Tourism WA and the film’s producers to make sure people seeing Three Summers at the Edinburgh festival know where this alluring part of Australia is and how to book a holiday here.”

Thanks to MAPTO and Tourism WA’s UK office, Ben Elton will talk to UK broadcasters and newspapers at the end of this month about Pinjarra and Fairbridge Village as part of the promotion of the film at the festival.

Following the media interviews, Mr Elton will host a private screening of Three Summers in London, to which Tourism WA has invited a mix of tourism stakeholders, media and senior TV production and TV development contacts to further promote WA and the Peel Region as a filming and holiday destination.

Three Summers is Ben Elton’s first foray into film writing and directing in 17 years. It is a very funny story of love and music that follows the same people attending an annual music festival over three years.

Offenders on the loose without being monitored

West Australians were left in the dark when dozens of offenders, some with serious convictions including dangerous sex offences, were unable to be tracked following a telecommunications outage.

Shadow Minister for Corrective Services Zak Kirkup said it was incomprehensible the Government did not alert the community to the dangers posed by offenders able to roam the community without being able to be tracked.

“If there is a telecommunications outage and offenders cannot be tracked, the community needs to be made aware,” Mr Kirkup said.

“Last night in Parliament it was revealed 81 offenders with trackable ankle bracelets had been disconnected from monitoring as a result of the outage.

“The first the community has heard of this is through questioning in Parliament.

“The question must be asked, why did it take questioning in Parliament for this information to be made public?  Why didn’t the Minister bring this to the attention of the public at the height of the risk of these offenders being in public without being able to be monitored.”

Mr Kirkup said the Government needed to assure the public they would not be kept in the dark if there was a similar telecommunications blackout in the future in which offenders were unable to be tracked.

“It is the responsibility of the Minister for Corrective Services to be open and transparent about these very serious and concerning security issues,” Mr Kirkup said.

“He would have received a briefing that the Department had lost track of the offenders as a result of the outage, and he should have insisted on warning the public that this had occurred.

“His failure to do this smacks of a cover up.  I am concerned he may not have wanted the public to know that offenders were out in the public and not being tracked.

“This has only come to light through questioning in Parliament and it would not be surprising if the Government was hoping the questions would not be asked and this incident had not come to light.

“It is now incumbent on the Minister to insist his Department develop a communications protocol to alert the public whenever there is an incident in which tracked offenders are unable to have their movements monitored.

“The public needs to be assured they are protected from these offenders.  This is the Minister’s responsibility and he needs to take action now that this incident, and the potential for further such incidents, has been exposed.”

Community Called to Assist with Murray River Square and Foreshore Redevelopment

Public feedback could help revolutionise the Murray River Square and adjacent foreshore reserve, into a well-planned, well-utilised community amenity.

The Shire of Murray has recently appointed landscape consultants, EPCAD, to assist with the progression of the design for the study area.

According to Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dean Unsworth, three sketch options have been released and the Shire are seeking community comment regarding a preferred design.

Among other components, planning could see the town square redeveloped to achieve views to the river from George Street and James Street and an informal grassed terraced amphitheatre and stage area, upgraded streetscaping, a canoe entry and exit point and improved picnic and BBQ facilities established along the foreshore.  

Mr. Unsworth said following community feedback it is intended that a preferred option which may involve components from one or more of the sketch options, would then be chosen to develop a full concept design.

To view the sketches and submit feedback, community members are encouraged to visit the Shire’s website or call into the Shire’s Administration Office at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra during office hours.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Murray, PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208. Emailed submissions should be sent to

A drop-in information session will also be held at the Pinjarra Civic Centre on Monday 21 May from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. The sketches will be on display and Shire officers will be available for discussion and to answer questions.

Concept development follows Council’s adoption in 2015 of a masterplan for the Murray River Foreshore in Pinjarra, between the Henry Street boat ramp and the Murray Leisure Centre. 

“The masterplan was prepared with extensive consultation with the community and was intended to provide a high level framework to guide future action within the foreshore area,” Mr. Unsworth said.

Submissions close 12:00pm Friday 1 June, 2018.

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option A

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option A

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option B

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option B

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option C

Murray River Site plan - perspective and images - Option C

Community invited to have say on Mandurah’s city centre waterfront

The community is being asked to help shape the future of Mandurah’s city centre as the City of Mandurah kicks off the next phase of making it a reality.

The recent completion of the Eastern Foreshore’s seawall, extended grassed area and path connections, and the Mandurah Bridge Replacement, now paves the way for the community to shape the re-energisation of the city centre’s waterfront areas.

Community members and stakeholders will play an important role in identifying and developing upgrade priorities for the city centre waterfront.

The City is asking the community to guide the vision by sharing their thoughts about what people love about the areas now, and suggestions on what they want to see in these areas.

To assist with shaping the vision, the foreshore areas have been divided into zones, each with unique existing character, activities and opportunities that the community can have their say on until May 18.

Mayor Rhys Williams has shared his passion for Mandurah’s city centre since being elected in October and said the local community played an important role in ensuring a strong and re-energised future for Mandurah.

“Mandurah is such a special place and this really is an exciting time of growth for our community,” hesaid.

“It’s important that we continue on this journey together, to ensure we have a culturally enriched, vibrant city that people want to be part of, to ensure our economy is strong and that people have jobs, and that visitors want to come and see what we have to offer.

“So now is the time to have your say – help shape our story to ensure a strong and re-energised future for Mandurah.”

The final output of this consultation will be Mandurah waterfront designs that incorporate the community’s input while taking into consideration land use, built and natural form, environment and movement.

A Community Reference Group will also be established to engage the community and capture input from diverse groups, ensuring that the vision, aspirations and objectives expressed are representative of community views.

For more information or to nominate for the Community Reference Group go to

City of Mandurah Councillors Matt Rogers, Tahlia Jones, Lynn Rodgers, Merv Darcy, Mayor Rhys Williams, Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight, Peter Rogers and Hon. Fred Riebeling are encouraging the community to have a say on Mandurah’s city centre waterfront revitalisation.

City of Mandurah Councillors Matt Rogers, Tahlia Jones, Lynn Rodgers, Merv Darcy, Mayor Rhys Williams, Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight, Peter Rogers and Hon. Fred Riebeling are encouraging the community to have a say on Mandurah’s city centre waterfront revitalisation.

Cleaning up Murray

Murray’s natural landscape continues to shine this week following several Clean Up Australia Day events made possible through exceptional volunteer efforts.

2018 initiatives kicked off in Murray with the Shire’s event on Friday 2 March.

Volunteers retrieved a total of ten shopping trollies from the Murray River © Josh Cowling

Volunteers retrieved a total of ten shopping trollies from the Murray River © Josh Cowling

Volunteers fished ten shopping trollies, a push bike and a swivel chair out of the Murray River from the iconic swing bridge and filled thirty waste bags with rubbish collected from Cantwell Park.

A further four events took place across the weekend which saw Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group successfully facilitate its fifteenth consecutive Clean Up Australia Day event.

Exceptional volunteer efforts made for a successful 2018 Clean Up Australia Day event © Josh Cowling

Exceptional volunteer efforts made for a successful 2018 Clean Up Australia Day event © Josh Cowling

Efforts concentrated on the removal of rubbish from the Murray and Serpentine Rivers, Delta Islands and local foreshores.

Remarkably over 2 tonnes of waste was removed from the waterways and surrounding areas, covering a total of 8km2.

The local waterways clean up forms part of the Clean Up the Peel Waterways program – a Friends of the Rivers Peel initiative, and is supported by Alcoa and the Shire of Murray.

The Shire also supported clean up efforts facilitated by the Ravenswood Community Group, the Pinjarra Girl Guides and a community driven initiative in North Dandalup.

“Trash and illegal dumping have proven detrimental impacts on the environment and the ability to compromise valuable Shire assets.

“This year’s Clean Up Australia Day efforts are exemplary of the feats that can be achieved when residents unite in the fight against trash.

“The Shire of Murray commends organisers and volunteers for their willingness to give up their time to clean up and conserve our district and encourage the wider population to do their bit to keep the Shire litter free,” said Cr. Bolt.

A push bike retrieved from the Murray River © Josh Cowling

A push bike retrieved from the Murray River © Josh Cowling

Dwellingup Now EV Friendly

EV testing the outlet.jpg

Dwellingup has embraced the growing trend toward Electric Vehicle (EV) use, with the installation of an EV outlet at the Dwellingup History and Visitor Information Centre (DHVIC).

Shire President Cr. David Bolt applauded the environmentally progressive step forward for the friendly tourism town.

“The twenty-first century has sparked a resurgence in EVs due to technological developments and an increased focus on renewable energy.

“It is hoped this eco-friendly asset will encourage an increase in the number of EV owners to the town, who can charge their vehicles while enjoying its diverse offerings,” Cr. Bolt said.

The Dwellingup EV outlet.jpg

The outlet takes approximately 30 minutes to pull the required 23kW, equating to roughly $3 which is further mitigated by the photovoltaic cells installed at the visitor centre.

Cr. Bolt added that the outlet has been logged on the app and website for the information of EV owners.

“The app encourages donations towards power consumption which can be made to the DHVIC.

“The outlet has been a welcome addition by both locals and visitors, with several EV owners already plugging in,” Cr. Bolt said.

Plans are also underway to install an EV outlet in Pinjarra within a public carpark at the Shire of Murray’s Administration Office. It is anticipated that the RAC fast charger will be fully operational from April, 2018.

EV Charge Point signage.jpg

“As use of EVs grows the Shire of Murray will continue to monitor demand and look for opportunities to expand its network of charging stations into other locations,” Cr. Bolt said.

The project was made possible by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and Synergy.

Take your kids to Peel Pottery for a fantastic hands on experience


So you want something to do with the kids?


One thing we've discovered by homeschooling our kids in Mandurah is just how damn much there is to do. The amount of activities that are free or low cost in this region is world class. Plus Mandurah and surrounds is littered with people who are willing to share their skills and talents with the next generation too. 

One such gentleman is the wonderful Murray Lewis from Peel Pottery Studio. 

My kids and some of their friends have now been Peel Pottery a couple of times, and they've been learning a little of the craft. Last week they were hands on with a pottery wheel creating some masterpieces that I'm sure I'll get to find a home for on my desk. 

Murray runs the operation from a large shed at the rear of his home in Halls Head, and also has a big range of pottery items on display available for purchase. I confess I didn't spend a lot of time in the room with all the pottery on display as I was a tad nervous that my 2 year old might use the opportunity to learn about physics. 

But next door is a large park, so while his siblings were mastering the art of turning a lump of clay into some kind of weapon (yes, I have boys), 2 year old had plenty to do. 

It's worth mentioning that Murray has kept his services very affordable too.

 If you click here you'll find some more info about Peel Pottery Studio.

You can get in touch with Murray or his wife Pam on 9525 1262 or 9535 6082. They're at 7 Darley Grove, Halls Head. The brochure says opening hours are 10-4 Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday... 2-4pm Thurs, and Saturday 10am-12. 

And I didn't ask, but I'm sure more than just kids are able to enjoy Peel Pottery.

So if you're looking for something a little different to sink your hands in to, go say hi to Murray or give him a call and tee up a time to take the tribe out. 


Eskimo Joe and Samantha Jade hit Crab Fest stage in less than month

The City of Mandurah is excited to announce Eskimo Joe and Samantha Jade will join the stellar festival line-up at the Channel 7 Mandurah Crab Fest presented by LiveLighter.

 Crab Fest 2018 - Eskimo Joe - Photo

These two WA headliners will add to the 20th year anniversary celebrations which will take place on Mandurah’s eastern foreshore on March 17 and 18.

Since taking out the 2012 X Factor Australia win, Australia’s sweetheart Samantha Jade went on to accumulate a collective 81 million streams, released a single with Pitbull (Shake That), starred as Kylie Minogue in the TV miniseries The INXS Story (for which she was nominated for a Logie), and released her debut album NINE. She also had a guest starring role in the iconic Australian TV series Home & Away, and launched her debut cosmetic collection with Models Prefer in Australia. Last year, she completed a critically acclaimed debut UK and European tour.

Samantha Jade.jpg

Having recently returned to Australia, Samantha Jade is finishing her new album, set for release in April. Samantha will perform at 7.45pm on Saturday at Crab Fest, hot off the stage as a headline at Sydney’s iconic Mardi Gras festival.

Eskimo Joe will rock the stage on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. The band has successfully straddled mainstream commercial success while managing to keep their alternative music roots secure.

Along with numerous tours of Australia and performances at huge events like Live Earth, Big Day Out, Splendour In The Grass, and Sundance Film Festival in Utah, their music has been released to great acclaim across the world.

With festivals and sold out tours, the band has come a long way from their humble beginnings as much loved indie rock kids in Fremantle.

Crab Fest has a long history of offering a unique experience for all ages and tastes, and this year’s event will be no different. This year the free, two-day festival includes over 100 hours of free entertainment, including local and international acts across four stages, celebrities, unique food experiences, waterway activations, live music, a spectacular anniversary-edition fireworks display and Mandurah’s famous Blue Manna crabs… plus a few surprises!

Mayor Rhys Williams said Mandurah Crab Fest was a highlight in Western Australia’s event calendar and the 20th anniversary event was not to be missed.

“Crab Fest showcases what we all know, that Mandurah is such a special place with plenty on offer – from our waterways, our people and our relaxed alfresco lifestyle,” he said.

“The final touches are being put on this year’s Crab Fest and I’m really excited, it’s shaping up to be another crowd-pleaser with something for everyone.”

The award-winning Mandurah Crab Fest is Western Australia’s biggest free regional event and showcases the best food and entertainment the Peel Region offers.

This year marks the Crab Fest’s 20th year of delighting local, national and international visitors, with more than 100,000 people enjoying last year’s event.

The festival is an integral part of the state’s annual event calendar and delivers economic and social benefits to local businesses and the community.

Mandurah Crab Fest was awarded back-to-back Gold in the Major Festivals and Events category at the 2016 and 2017 Perth Airport Western Australian Tourism Awards, hosted by the Tourism Council of WA.

The City is eagerly awaiting the results of the 2018 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards to be announced this evening. Last year the event claimed Bronze in the Major Festivals and Events category against a field of strong contenders.

The Mandurah Crab Fest is supported by the State Government through Tourism WA’s Regional Events Program, made possible by Royalties for Regions. The festival is also proudly sponsored by Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message.

For details on Western Australia’s largest free regional event, visit

Countdown to APES Games

What: Countdown to Australasian Police and Emergency Service Games

When: Tuesday, February 20 at 11.30am

Where: At the recently installed countdown clock on Mandurah’s Eastern Foreshore, near Dome carpark

Contact person: Kellie Revett or Holly Sutton, Media and Public Relations Consultants on 9550 3727 or 0417 506 995.

The City is proud to host the 2018 Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games (APES Games) from October 28 to November 2 bringing a boost to tourism and the local economy.

To help create awareness and build the lead-up excitement to the 17th Games, a countdown clock has been installed on Mandurah’s Eastern Foreshore.

The APES Games which consist of around 50 individual and team sports is expected to attract more than 3,000 athletes to Mandurah representing the major emergency service providers of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Competitors are expected to include members of the Police Service, Prison Service, Crime Commission, Aviation Security, Fire and Emergency Services, Royal Life Saving Society, St John’s Ambulance, Coast Guard and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The City of Mandurah works hard to attract major events and actively seeks to increase the local sports tourism.

In recent years, the City has hosted and secured a number of high profile events, which bring many positive benefits and attention to our area.

The games will utilise a number of the City’s premier sporting facilities including the Rushton Park Sports Facility, Meadow Springs Sports Facility, Peelwood Sports Facility and the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre (MARC).

The APES Games take place every two years. The City of Melbourne hosted the 2014 event with the 2016 games to be held on the Sunshine Coast. Perth last hosted the games in 2004.

Please advise of your availability to join us for the photo opportunity with Mayor Rhys Williams, Jeremy Petersen - APES Games Director (WA Police) and a WA Police Deputy Commissioner (Specialist Services) representative as they countdown to the APES Games.

Collaborative Efforts Achieve Revamp of Local Playground

Ravenswood residents flocked to Moondyne Ramble Park Playground on Saturday 10 February, to celebrate the official opening of the improved community amenity.

Moondyne Ramble Park Playground is officially open

Moondyne Ramble Park Playground is officially open

The playground was opened by Mrs. Robyn Clarke MLA Member for Murray-Wellington, who marked the occasion with a ribbon cutting and wished the community many happy memories at the upgraded facility.

Ravenswood Residents enjoying their new playground

Ravenswood Residents enjoying their new playground

“The decision to revamp the playground was the result of the community and Shire working together, and it’s fantastic that the State Government was able to provide funding for the project,” Mrs. Clarke said.

Attendees further enjoyed a sausage sizzle run by the Lions Club of Pinjarra, children had their faces painted and delighted as they put the new play equipment to good use.

Shire President Cr. David Bolt, Ravenswood Community members Oakley Gyoergy and Izzy Powell, Mrs Robyn Clarke MLA Member for Murray-Wellington and Ravenswood Community Group Chairperson Don Repacholi

Shire President Cr. David Bolt, Ravenswood Community members Oakley Gyoergy and Izzy Powell, Mrs Robyn Clarke MLA Member for Murray-Wellington and Ravenswood Community Group Chairperson Don Repacholi

According to Shire President Cr. David Bolt, the project is exemplary of the feats that can be achieved when residents unite through their progress association and work with the Shire of Murray to effect community-driven projects.

“Ravenswood Community Group shone bright as the representative group of its locality and was the driving force behind the redevelopment project, ultimately choosing the new playground design, with Mrs. Robyn Clarke MLA instrumental in securing project funding.

Children enjoyed having their faces painted

Children enjoyed having their faces painted

“It is hoped that shade sails will soon be installed, pending results of a funding application, another project that if successful, will be achieved through collaborative efforts between Ravenswood Community Group and the Shire of Murray,” Cr. Bolt said.

The playground redevelopment further supports an objective of the Ravenswood Local Community Plan 2016 – 2020.

The Moondyne Ramble Park Playground project was proudly supported by the State Government through the Peel Development Commission’s Local Projects Local Jobs Grant.

Belinda Keillor with Milla Gyoergy

Belinda Keillor with Milla Gyoergy

Community Spirit Shines at Australia Day Celebrations

Hundreds of proud Australians gathered at the iconic Edenvale Homestead on Australia Day for the Lions Club of Pinjarra and Shire of Murray 2018 Australia Day Celebrations.  

According to Shire President Cr. David Bolt, attendees enjoyed a delicious breakfast, were entertained by performer Lionel Morris, welcomed 11 new Australian citizens and the winners of the 2018 Community Citizenship Awards were announced. 

Jenni Ruyter was named the 2018 Australia Day WA Citizen Award winner in recognition of her decade tenure as artist caretaker at Fairbridge Village and contributions to the Pinjarra Community Garden and Pinjarra Town Centre revitalisation project.

“As part of the revitalisation project, Ms. Ruyter has painted elaborate murals on walls of local buildings including the original Tuckey's Mitre 10, the Pinjarra Primary School Library and the Anzac memorial wall,” Cr. Bolt said.

The Senior Citizen Award was presented to Susan Hill, an active member of the Pinjarra Lions Club since 2008.

Cr. Bolt reported that Ms. Hill had spent countless hours helping to raise funds of direct benefit to the local community including through donations to medical research and natural disaster relief.

Luke De Sliva and Jake Bennet were dual recipients of the 2018 Youth Citizen Award.

Luke was recognised for his contribution as Chairperson on the Shire of Murray’s myVoice youth reference group and member of the Shire’s Access and Inclusion group.

“In spite of a severe visual disability, Luke has been a driving force behind youth participation in Shire consultation efforts and planning of youth initiatives, has volunteered at many events and sought funding and participation opportunities for youth arts projects,” Cr. Bolt said.

While Jake was recognised for his contributions to the Coolup Bush Fire Brigade as a Junior Cadet.

Jake was further recognised for his ongoing involvement with the Coolup Kids Club, first as a member and now as an older youth assisting younger children, as well as his polite manner and willingness to volunteer.

The North Pinjarra Progress Association received the Community Citizenship Award in the category of Community Group or Event.

“The Association have reenergised the North Pinjarra community through several events which have given youth, seniors and other demographics in the locality a place to belong,” Cr. Bolt said.

The group were further recognised for their events’ tendency to attract community members from across the district realising further community enhancing outcomes.

The group’s efforts with regards to the management of the locality’s community hall were also acknowledged.

Cr. Bolt was pleased with the community turnout at the celebrations and exclaimed that the event was a true celebration of how great it is to be an Australian and a resident of Murray.

Murray Regional Equestrian Centre Stage Two Officially Open

Ms. Lisa Baker MLA Member for Maylands, Mrs. Robyn Clarke MLA Member for Murray-Wellington, Tom Duxbury Alcoa Production Manager, Shire President Cr. David Bolt, Murray Equestrian Association Vice President Mr. Greg Angilley and Peel Development Chairperson Ms. Paddi Creevy with Pinjarra Horse and Pony Club members

Ms. Lisa Baker MLA Member for Maylands, Mrs. Robyn Clarke MLA Member for Murray-Wellington, Tom Duxbury Alcoa Production Manager, Shire President Cr. David Bolt, Murray Equestrian Association Vice President Mr. Greg Angilley and Peel Development Chairperson Ms. Paddi Creevy with Pinjarra Horse and Pony Club members

Equine stakeholders from across the Peel Region gathered recently to celebrate the completion of stage two works of the Murray Regional Equestrian Centre redevelopment project.

Mrs. Robyn Clarke MLA Member for Murray-Wellington attended on behalf of the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC Minister for Regional Development, while Ms. Lisa Baker MLA Member for Maylands represented the Hon. Michael Murray MLA Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Also in attendance was the Hon. Colin Holt MLC Member for the South West Region, as well as representatives from the office of Mr. Andrew Hastie MP Member for Canning, Shire’s of Waroona, Boddington and Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Peel Development Commission, Alcoa, Peel Harvey Catchment Council, Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MAPTO, Murray Equestrian Association, the centre’s eleven user groups and Shire of Murray Councillors and staff. 

According to Shire President Cr. David Bolt, the event’s attendance reflected the significance of the Murray Regional Equestrian Centre redevelopment project for the district and the wider Peel Regions’ equine industry, economy and tourism.

“The results thus far are a product of collaboration between the State Government, local government, regional organisations and community members passionate about the growth and sustainability of their interest, in their community,” Cr. Bolt said.

Stage two works have seen the addition of dressage and show jumping arenas, a horse wash down facility, horse and cattle pens and a large storage shed for user groups.

The cross country course was also upgraded, the centre’s four polocrosse fields levelled, additional power added to the site, new fencing installed on the South Western Highway frontage, the reticulation and pumping system improved and trees planted.

“Stage two works have elevated the Centre to a regional status, ensuring the asset offers high quality, multidiscipline facilities for its equine industry.

“The Centre is now a functional, multipurpose equestrian facility in the heart of Western Australia’s regional equine district, the Peel region,” Cr. Bolt said.

Guests enjoyed horse and wagon tours of the facility

Guests enjoyed horse and wagon tours of the facility

The Murray Regional Equestrian Centre project now enters into its third and final redevelopment stage which subject to further funding, will see the addition of three phase power, the design and construction of the Peel Events and Equestrian Arena - a multipurpose covered arena with water harvesting and effluent infrastructure, caravan effluent dump point, additional horse and cattle pens, and event parking improvements.

“The Master Development Plan for the Murray Regional Equestrian Centre allows for the development of a substantial regional facility to cater for an expanding non-racing equine industry.

“It is anticipated that funding will be sought and future works scheduled as the need for the above amenities strengthens, which the Shire anticipates within the next five to 10 years,” Cr. Bolt said.

Stage two was proudly supported by the Shire of Murray, the State Government through the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund, Royalties for Regions through the Peel Development Commission and Alcoa.

No sting in mosquito management annual report


The City of Mandurah’s mosquito management team, in conjunction with the Peel Mosquito Management Group (PMMG), presented the 2016/17 annual report at this week’s full Council Meeting.

The presentation provided an overview of the PMMG activities with a specific focus on the City of Mandurah during the season.

The report stated that mosquito management activities undertaken increased significantly when compared to 2015/16, resulting in a twofold increase in the number of aerial treatments required throughout the region. The 2016/17 season proved challenging with 2507 hectares having been treated since July.

The increase in activity reflected predictions for the season made at the end of the 2015/16.

The Council meeting also heard that the PMMG continued to implement a number of improvements to helicopter application processes and equipment that helped the efficiency, accuracy, and quality control of aerial treatment operations over recent seasons.

Other 2016/17 highlights included:

  • 21 aerial larviciding treatments were undertaken, covering a total of 2627 hectares. This is a 263 percent increase on season 2015/16 and was on par with seasons 2013 to 2015.
  • The average size of the aerial treatments increased to 125 hectares, compared to 80 hectares in 2015/16.
  • October (267 hectares) and March (255.2 hectares) were the largest individual treatments completed.
  • Monitoring included 24 adult mosquito trapping rounds throughout the season.
  • Community education through email updates, social media posts and information sessions.
  • Industry information-sharing presentations and opportunities included the Mosquito Control Association of Australia Conference, Environmental Health Australia State Conference, and the visiting Malaysian Institute of Environmental Health delegation.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman praised the coordinated and collaborative efforts of all involved in the region’s mosquito management during 2016/17.

“The mosquito management program is absolutely vital so we can continue to enjoy Mandurah’s lifestyle and minimise disease,” he said.

“We knew it was going to be a challenging season and took steps to reduce the impact on our community.

“Many residents will be familiar with the personal protective measures recommended to fight the bite, and it is important that we protect ourselves and our families and not to rely on mosquito reduction efforts alone.”

For more information on the City of Mandurah’s mosquito management program go to

City of Mandurah helps boost local employment opportunities


The City of Mandurah is helping local business minded mums elevate their employment opportunities by running another series of the popular Mumpreneur101 workshops.

The free program is focussed on mums who currently run, or want to start a home based business.

The program provides skills and resources through a range of workshops over 8 weeks, with subjects including digital marketing, time management, networking, well-being and the importance of mindset and success.

Mumpreneur101 will begin on February 13 until April 3. Applications close on February 5 and limited places available.

Mayor Rhys Williams said Mumpreneur was a great initiative and one of the ways the City of Mandurah is addressing current unemployment figures in Mandurah.

“Employment is a challenge that we all play a part in tackling together – whether you are an employer, training body, support agency… or even consumer,” he said.

“We are committed to finding solutions and offering ways to tackle unemployment for our community and the City’s entrepreneur program is one of the many ways that we are boosting local people’s skills and employability.

“There’s no quick fix but I’m encouraged by the hard work and effort that many agencies, including the City, are investing in our people to help them take the next step to jobreadiness and improving employment opportunities.”

The City offers a number of free entrepreneur programs for different groups including Artpreneur101, Design Your Own Job Program, Migrant Women Program, and the latest StartUp Smart Creative which have all experienced great success.

Since the program began, more than 530 participants have attended a range of workshops, with each series custom-made to address specific needs of the target groups.

The program’s success has contributed to 49 full-time businesses being established and 65 percent of all participants registering an ABN with most of them trading part time.

The City is one of the region’s largest employers and last year it broadened its employment development program to help build capacity and employment opportunities. The program was increased to 21 developmental positions – with three cadets, 11 apprentices and seven trainee positions in place, which includes four trainee positions set aside for Indigenous recruitment.

Voyage strengthens family relationships


The City of Mandurah has partnered with Leeuwin Ocean Adventure to offer a Mandurah family the opportunity to board the STS Leeuwin II for the relationship-building Parent Project voyage.

The 2018 Parent Project, run in partnership with Relationships Australia WA, is a three-day voyage aimed at building strong family relationships and communication in a fun, safe and supportive sailing environment.

The City’s $1000 scholarship will allow for one parent, guardian or grandparent and one young person (aged 12 years and over) to join the journey from March 3-5, departing from Fremantle.

Relationships Australia will be running workshops on board designed to develop family relationships between parents and teenagers.

For more than 30 years, Leeuwin has been taking young Western Australians on voyages of adventure and challenge, during which they learn about themselves and their relationships with others. Leeuwin is the only tall-ship in the state offering sail-training, a proven way of building confidence, self-awareness, resilience, communication and sense of achievement in young people.

The Parent Project started last year, and uses the magic of tall-ship sailing to build some of these same skills in families. The unique voyage is based on the key pillars of communication, togetherness, sharing activities, support, acceptance, commitment and resilience.

Mayor Rhys Williams said the City of Mandurah was proud to partner with the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure to provide a local young person with the exciting personal development opportunity.

“We’re excited to be working with the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation to provide this opportunity for a local young person to take part in this voyage,” he said.

“The Leeuwin is one of WA’s best youth leadership development opportunities, and we’re pleased to be able to support a local young person to take part.

“We want to support more of these initiatives, and would invite members of the community to come forward with suggestions on how we can do more to develop the skills and aspirations of our local young people.”

“The City of Mandurah’s support for this voyage program reflects its commitment to young people and families. We are so pleased to have the City on board,” Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Chief Executive Officer Carol Shannon said.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is now calling for entries for the 2018 Parent Project voyage. For more information and to apply, go to

Applications close on Monday, February 12, 2018.

Verge collection in Mandurah begins soon!


It's finally time to get rid of all those boxes you accumulated over Christmas. Collections begin 5th Feb 2018. 

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