This Mandurah hair salon specialises in natural products

Over the last couple of decades we’ve all become far more aware of what we put in our bodies, with many of us trying to eat more natural foods or at least less of what is obviously crap. So it’s only natural that we’d also begin to look at what chemicals we’re absorbing through our skin.


I’m not normally a huge fan of hair salons. Usually the fumes from walking past one is enough to make me feel like I just spent an hour bathing in a Kwinana fuel refinery. But I can honestly report being inside Claire Hair Boutique I barely smelled a thing.

The proprietor Claire tells me that your body begins to absorb toxic chemicals through the skin within about 26 seconds, and her research into this is what lead to her salon adopting a low-toxicity range of products called Natulique.

But do the products actually work?


This is the question I know you’re asking, because we’ve all been sold fairy tale promises of magical abilities that the new fad herb, oil, or cleaning clothe can produce. And we’ve all been disappointed.

So I had a chat with a friendly client, Paula, who’d just finished up having her hair done. She tells me she’s been using Clair Hair Boutique for the last four years.

“I used to have a problem with my scalp, with burning and itching. I don’t get that with Natulique.” Paula also spoke highly of the team at Claire Hair. “I get done what I want here, I don’t get coerced into having a different style. If I say I want to have it cut short, I don’t have anyone saying ‘Oh no why?’ So you feel as though you’ve been listened to. Obviously Claire and the team will tell me if it’s going to damage my hair or you can only go this far or that far, but you always feel like you’re being accommodated with what you really want.”

Suzanne, a staff member at Claire Hair since August, says she loves the atmosphere at work. “I love the precision cutting, and we do a lot of that here.” And with respect to the products the store uses, Suzanne also sings high praises. “Natulique I think is the best product I’ve worked with in the hair dressing industry. I’ve been in the industry for 11 years now. I’ve worked with all sorts of (products). You can’t smell it. It’s low toxic. You can have 6 colour services happening and you can’t smell it.”


Suzanne also says the public is embracing the products, are not that skeptical, and are more than happy to try Natulique. “A lot of people now think ‘I don’t need chemicals in my life’.”

Where can I find out more?

Claire Hair Boutique also offer hair education, have Afterpay now available, and are open late night on Wednesday. If you’re interested in chatting with the team, making an appointment, or trying out the products click here for more info.