A very helpful law firm in Mandurah

One of my favourite things about running Everything Mandurah is getting to discover some fantastic local businesses with amazing people. I was very fortunate recently to have a chat with Nia Lumley from Petherick Cottrell, a local law firm that offers a broad range of legal services.

The field is a personal interest of mine, as I’ve recently begun a law degree, and Nia Lumley from Petherick Cottrell was kind enough to sit down and have a chat.

Nia Lumley - Petherick Cottrell

Nia Lumley - Petherick Cottrell

Ms Lumley has been in the field since 1998, originally based in North Wales, and has been with Petherick Cottrell since July last year. She says it’s a fantastic place to work with a great team environment.

“It’s really got a good culture,” she told me. “I really like the people I work with. If you get on with the people in your team, and everybody works together to help everybody else, it’s the client that benefits at the end of the day.”

Nia shared a little about what she enjoys most about practicing law. “It’s getting that satisfaction of being able to help somebody. Predominantly people come to see you when they’re in a bit of a pickle, when things aren’t actually going according to plan, [but] getting that good result at the end and seeing that you’ve actually made a positive difference to somebody’s life, it just gives you a really good feeling.”

Petherick Cottrell’s services on offer are quite broad, from wills and probate, to family, commercial, employment, criminal and other areas of law.

Ms Lumley shared a little about her experience with wills.

“I’ve got quite a bit of experience with wills. You’re talking about your very last document, and it’s such an important document. I recommend to people when they’ve got a will, [even when] they think it’s all done and dusted, it’s unlikely to be suitable for the whole of your life. Every year, perhaps when you’re renewing your car insurance or something, just have a look at your will and then have a look at your assets. See what’s changed, and ask yourself ‘do I need to update my documents?’ Once it’s done people forget about it, but they shouldn’t forget about it, because they do need to change it as their circumstances change.”

Petherick Cottrell are open from 8:30am each weekday, and also offer “by appointment” times outside office hours.

If you have any legal needs you can give them a call on 08 9535 4604 or visit their website here: petherickcottrell.com.au