A beautiful afternoon in Erskine


It’s hard to feel like I’m not on holidays living in Mandurah. A sunny Sunday catching up with friends while the kids played this weekend reminded me of how great it is living here.

It’s challenging to put into words the pure pleasure of just watching birds dive for fish on the estuary, the kids playing in the sunshine, and some good company.

It’s always odd to me that any other image gets conjured in someone’s mind when they think of Mandurah. Perhaps social media and the news in general isn't the best place to go to shape your view of the world.

The spaces. The company. The water. Far be it from me to try and sell it to you, but I do know there’s nothing missing if the things you value in life include beauty in nature, quality relationships, and a pace that allows you to enjoy your life, instead of watching it slip through your hands like sand.

Being graced with all of the above this weekend, as always really, reminds me of how important what we have here is, why it’s worth protecting to be able to pass on to our children, and why this is home.

If you haven’t checked out this park yet in Erskine, it’s nice. I’ve put a map below. But of course, there’s so many nice places in Mandurah to check out. If you have your favourite I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment or shoot me a message.